It Works! Wednesday: Week 4

Facial Applicators

Okay, brace yourselves.

And, keep in mind, I did this for you guys so please don’t hold the following pictures against me.

Before the applicator, straight out of the shower, no make-up:

Yikes. Also, it was late and my lazy eye was in full-effect.

Immediately after the applicator had been applied:

Again? Yikes.

Sorry for the self-portrait.  Greg is a horrible photographer.  This is what he gave me:

Seriously, babe?

He also couldn’t stop laughing and saying, “Hellllooooo, Clarice.”

Apparently he thought I looked a little Silence-of-the-Lambs-ey.


And here it is immediately after the wrap was removed:

Important things to note:

  • I have a serious lazy-eye problem.  ESPECIALLY when I’m tired.
  • I have a terrible fake smile.
  • I’m not nude; I’m wearing a bra.
  • I need to get my eyebrows waxed, STAT.

While you can’t tell a tremendous difference, (partially because I’m a horrible photog and can’t take a decent self-portrait) I think it did help even out the redness in my cheeks a little bit and moisturizer?  Fugeddaboudit.  Seriously?  It was better than any facial that I’ve ever gotten.  Okay, the one facial that I’ve ever gotten.  But still.  My skin was soft for days after I took the facial applicator off even with several layers of make-up on because I never remember to take my make-up off at the end of the day.

All-in-all, it’s definitely not a product that I would use everyday.  But it’s way cheaper (and faster)(and easier) than going to a salon for a facial.  It’s also a nice, quick way for a pick-me-up if you have a case of the blahs.  Even if you don’t have a ton of facial wrinkles, 1) you will look like a fool while you have it on so that will make you laugh & 2) your skin will be so soft you will hardly be able to stand it.

Wouldn’t this be a fun addition to a traditional girls night-in?  Me thinks, yes!

I would absolutely love to do a facial party/slumber party!

Next week?  Greens!


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