Easter cuteness

Prepare yourselves for the cuteness in the following pictures.

I almost feel bad about being such a slacker and then calling-it-in with a picture-filled post but my kids are cute and I’m so busy most days that I forget to pee so I figure one post/week is a pretty good average for me right now!

Brock helping Daddy tie his tie

The best picture that I could get of the 4 of us:

The kids were on a mission and, somehow, Papa Dave got roped into helping.

Brock rules with an iron fist and Papa Dave learned that very painful lesson


I think I took this picture just to prove that I was actually there 🙂

This is seriously one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen.  This suit was Greg’s when he was little.  Greg’s mom keeps everything of sentimental value and she gave this to us last year.  Then it was too big for Brock but this year it fit him!  It was a tad small but he LOVED it!

Happy 8-days-after Easter!!

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