It Works! Wednesday: Week 6

Let’s talk about poop!

Feel free to run away at any point in this post because I will, in fact, be talking about poop.  Having 2 little kids, a husband and being a nurse has made me totally numb to being grossed out by that bodily function.

You have been warned.

Before I had kids, I never really thought too much about my bowel habits.  I pooped when I needed to and that was it.  Sometimes it would be a daily event, sometimes it would be less frequent than that.

When I got pregnant with Brock, my GI system slowed down and I began to take books into the bathroom with me to help pass the time.  After he was born, I was afraid that I would never be the same.

Honestly?  Post-partum poops were like shitting razor blades and no amount of Colace or FiberCon was going to help me.  I prayed for relief and would hold it until I thought I was going to explode just so I wouldn’t have to face the pain.

Then, after about a year, it got a little better.

And by a little better, I mean it still hurt but I got to the point where the tears eventually stopped.

Then I got pregnant with Adrianna and I repeated the constipation during pregnancy then wishing I could poop like a normal person and not have to hold onto the tub and bite my lip after she was born.

Have I crossed a line yet?

Did I lose anybody?

I hope not because what I’m about to tell you has honestly changed my life.

When I first heard about It Works over 6 months ago, I was skeptical of all of the products.  Even after becoming a distributor, I was hesitant to try the Regular.  I was afraid that it was a laxative (even though they stress in the training that it is not) and that it would make my situation worse.

After I became eligible for $100 in free product, I decided that it was now or never.  I didn’t want to pay for a product that was going to make me miserable so I figured the better situation was that I would get it for free.

I took the plunge and bought a bottle of Regular.  It sat on my counter for another week before I was brave enough to try it.

Other than the fear of a laxative, I was afraid that it would make me gassy & bloated during the day while I was at work.

When I finally worked up the nerve to take the pill, I waited.

I waited for the stomach cramps.

I waited for the uncontrollable gas.

I waited to cry when I finally did go to the bathroom.

Guess what?  I did cry.  But they were tears of happiness.

I couldn’t believe that I could finally go to the bathroom and not wish for death.

Now I take my Regular once/day.  One the rare occasion that I do miss a pill, I can definitely tell.  It’s not as bad as before, but it’s definitely noticeable.

Wanna know what’s in Regular?  Click on the link and then click on Supplement Facts.

Wanna know what It Works products that I’ve already talked about?  Check out the links below:

Week 1: How I got started with It Works Global

Week 2: Ultimate Body Applicators (wraps)

Week 3: Defining Gel

Week 4: Facial Applicators

Week 5: Greens

Wanna know about any of the other products?  Tell me and I will write about it as soon as I can!

Wanna sign up as a loyal customer or a distributor?  Let me know and I would love to help you out!

For anything else, be sure to go to my website or contact me!


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