My little snuggle bugs

Over a month ago, Mom made quilts for each of the kids. She took the tops down to Florida when they visited my Dad’s aunt & uncle that winter down there because Aunt Caroline can do the “quilting” part of a quilt and she offered to do it for Mom.

I was afraid that they wouldn’t want them because they didn’t have Tom & Jerry or princesses all over them.  I was also afraid that they would be rude and say something exactly like that to my Mom.

Obviously, I was wrong.

Brock has even gotten to the point that he carries his around like Linus.

It’s equally cute and irritating.

Especially when I’m trying to convince him that we yes, we need to leave and no, we don‘t have to take the entire house with us.

Now they’ve got Mom working on a second set to keep out at her house.

Can we say “spoiled”?


3 thoughts on “My little snuggle bugs

  1. My MIL makes quilts for each grandkid. She hand embroiders around whatever is on the fabric- like EVERY SINGLE truck/bulldozer/excavator on Eli’s blanket.

    The poor woman worked her fingers to nubs when there were 4 babies in less than a year!

  2. Of course, they are spoiled! You were and still are as well. I think you have a quilt hidden at my house waiting for your birthday. Need I remind you the story of the Schwann’s truck at Grandpa Jim’s house? Thanks for the pictures. Can’t wait for Aunt Caroline to see them as well.
    Mom and Dad

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