The post in which I break my mother-in-law’s heart

When Brock was bitty, he had the most gorgeous curly hair you’ve ever seen.  I was in heaven as my hair has always been straight as a board and it’s so thick it barely holds curl unless I perm it.

Greg loved it because it was cute and it was our baby boy but he knew that Brock would grow to hate it.

As Brock got a little older, & his hair started to grow out, the curl went along with it.  I was convinced that the combination of the length and thickness of his hair was causing it to uncurl.

Apparently I was wrong.

We finally got his hair cut when it was shaggin’ past his eyes and he was complaining about how sweaty his head was.  But we (read: me) could only handle a trim at that point.

A few weeks ago Greg gingerly said, “Babe?  What do you think about cutting Brock’s hair?”

To which I naively replied, “Sure thing!  I will call and set up an appointment tomorrow!”

Greg: “Well, I kinda meant meI want to cut his hair.”

Me: ” . . . Um, well.  I’m not sure that I’m ready for that.  I mean, he’s not even four.  He will look so . . .  grown up with short hair.”

Greg: “Well, Brock was actually the one that brought it up.  He asked me if I would cut his hair like mine.  He said that he gets so sweaty & itchy.”

We took Brock into the bathroom & went to work.

Just before we started:

We thought that the clippers could handle the job but we were wrong.  Greg had to use scissors and cut huge chunks out of my baby’s hair before he could use the clippers!

Looking good, babe!

All done!  He absolutely loves it!  And we do, too!  I was a little worried to show our parents because they were just as in love with his curls as I was.

My mom and dad were a little surprised that we finally buzzed it all off but they loved it!  My dad is bald (except for a tiny ring around the back of his head) so Brock fits right in!

Greg’s mom was a little more hesitant at first:

Adrianna couldn’t stop touching his hair and saying, “Ouch!” and “Petty!” (pretty) and now one of her favorite things to do is to rub his head and laugh because it tickles her hand!

Brock absolutely loves it!  He loves that he “wooks just wike my Dad!” and he told me the other day, “Hey, Mom.  Do you wemember when my hair was hot and sweaty?  I looooove my new haircut.  Isn’t it cuuuuutttteeee?”

Fishing for compliments already?  Must be my child!


6 thoughts on “The post in which I break my mother-in-law’s heart

  1. He does look a lot more grown up, but, as a buzz cut Momma, it is soooooo much nicer to deal with. Jesse keeps thinking he might like hair, but gee whiz, it’s hard to make look once it’s past about 3/4 inch. 🙂

  2. Well, I love it! He looks like a little man and you don’t have to fight him to brush his hair. I hate when people don’t brush their kids hair (yes, you should know how much I brushed yours!) and it is easy to take care of when he plays in the mud! And of course, Papa loves it too.
    Nan and Papa

  3. We’re fans of buzz cuts around our house too. Hunter is like Brock in that he gets so sweaty that if it starts to grow much at all he will beg for another haircut. At least “dad” cuts at home are cheap as he’ll probaly want them more often!

    • I love that we can do it for free at home! Although, my bestie’s mom owns a salon and she always cuts the kids’ hair for free so that really wasn’t an issue before. But now it’s a bonding experience for the boys. Adrianna will continue to go to the salon when she needs a trim 😉

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