Who wants some yummy food????

You know when you meet a new friend and you instantly know that they are going to be bad for you?

Yeah, it was like that with Amber and me.

We met at a vendor fair recently where I was selling It Works products and Amber had a delicious spread of Homemade Gourmet goodies.  We became friends when I kept coming back to her table to “sample” her dips and she didn’t shoo me away.

She’s really nice since I would have shooed me away.

Amber taught me a very important truth that day: The spice dip, when served with Ginger Snaps, will totally blow your mind. 

And I don’t even like Ginger Snaps!

Hello, lover.

Of course, the Amazing Amaretto cheesecake isn’t too bad either.

Anybody want some Cheddar Bay biscuits a lá Red Lobster?

Amber is so awesome that she even adapted all of the recipes to be Weight Watchers-friendly!!!  And I bet if you promise to love her forever, she will share those tricks with you! 

I will give you a hint: 1/4 C of the spice dip adapted to the weight-watchers friendly version is only 1 point.  ONE!!!  And?  You can freeze it and eat it like ice cream!  People?  One point ice cream?  Are you kidding me?!?!

As if Amber wasn’t awesome enough, she graciously offered to give my lovely readers $25 in free food!!

Be sure to go here and check out all of the yummy stuff on Amber’s website.

And, if you’re worried about not being able to cook or not having enough time to cook or whatever other excuse you’re coming up with right now, I’ve included a step-by-step tutorial to show you how easy it is to make Spice Dip!

Step 1: Buy the Cool Whip.  Or the cheaper store-brand like I did!

Step 2: Dump the spice dip mix into the Cool Whip.

Step 3: Stir them together.

Step 4: Sample the dip using your finger.

Step 5: Sample the dip using a Vanilla Wafer and realize that Ginger Snaps are totally the way to go with this dip.

Step 6: Continue to eat the spice dip and ginger snaps until your heart is content!

Here are the rules, yo: (Be sure to leave separate comments for each entry!)

1. Go to Amber’s Homemade Gourmet page, come back here and tell me what you would buy with $25 (This one is mandatory!!!)

2. Be my facebook friend.

3. Be Amber’s facebook friend.

4. Tweet about this giveaway and include the hashtag #IheartHG (daily entry!)

**People?  If you do all 4 of those things but only leave ONE comment?  You only get ONE entry!  Thems the rules!**

The giveaway will be open until midnight, June 4th but hurry up and get your entry in!!  That way if you win, you can give the $25 credit to me and I can stuff my face full of beer bread dipped in cool cucumber dip


P.S. I bought a box of spice dip with my own (semi)hard-earned money.  Amber didn’t give me a damn thing for free for this review/giveaway!  The nerve of some people!  Although, she did let me stand at her table at the vendor fair and eat about half of the goodies she brought along so I guess that counts for something.


8 thoughts on “Who wants some yummy food????

  1. OK, If I win I would have to buy Jimmy more beer bread, he loves the stuff. Think I have bought 4 pks since March! And the spice dip, and the awesome chipolte rub (yummy mixed with raspberry preserves and put on pork loin or chicken!). I am sure I would spend way more than $25.00. I love the stuff and it is super easy to make, just don’t tell Jimmy!

  2. So here is what I would buy…..beer bread, 3 cheese garlic biscuits, lemonade cheesecake, and the spiced dip mix, however from the looks of all the pics IT ALL LOOKS AMAZING!

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