This is what I’m up against

Every time I try to get a decent picture of my husband and kids I get this:

Adrianna is “hiding”, Brock is sticking his foot up at me to block the flash and Greg is kicked back, laughing.

This time, even Greg isn’t looking at the camera!

This one’s a little better.  They are all looking at the camera but Brock still has his foot up.

I’m totally outnumbered here.

But I kinda like it.


2 thoughts on “This is what I’m up against

  1. Nurse Stemme,
    After being harassed to read your blog everyday, I think I deserve to have more pictures of food. ie. lasagna, stuffed pork chops, fettucini alfredo, pumpkin dump cake. And would appreciate any leftovers. thank you. —Your Asian Friend *^_^* —- (thats an asian smiley face in case you didnt know.)

    • I’m on it. I will make my husband suffer through another round of fettucini alfredo so I can post pics and the recipe.

      Are the asterics supposed to be apple cheeks? Because mine do that when I smile and I’m not Asian.

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