Twenty. Four.

Dear Adrianna,

It has officially been two years since you came into our lives.  730 days that you have spent as part of our family.  It’s hard for me to grasp the realization that it seems like only yesterday you were a tiny baby and now?  Now you are a toddler.  You are no longer my sweet little baby that depends on me for everything from nourishment to comfort.  You are my sweet little girl who only asks for help in dire situations and that has an opinion about everything.

You are so much like me, it makes me both laugh and cry.  Not only do you look exactly like I did when I was your age, we have many of the same mannerisms and interests.  You are my teeny tiny shadow and you have memorized my morning routine.  If I’m brushing my teeth, you have to stand on your little step stool and brush yours as well.   When I put on my deodorant, you need some too.  When you see me reach for my lotion, you hold out your hand expectantly and say, “Show-shin”.

You’re curiosity and intelligence never cease to amaze me.  Every question is followed by another question.  You no longer accept “because” as an answer.  You love to try to figure things out for yourself and when I ask if you need help, you hold your hand up and simply say, “I wiw do it, momma.”

You love your momma, daddy & brother.  You love Ninny & Papa Jimbo & Shaw-Shaw.  You love Gee-Gee and Papa Dabe.  You love your great-grandparents and many of your cousins.  You do NOT like strangers and are not afraid to let them know (usually with loud, hysterical sobs).  You love to snuggle first thing in the morning and at night but not too many times in between unless you are sick.  You are wonderfully dramatic, often covering your “o” shaped mouth with your hands when something surprises you or you think everybody else should be shocked.  You are beautiful.  You are empathetic.  You are learning to swim despite the fact that you are terrified of getting in the tub.  You have several nicknames including Sissy and Judy-Attitudy but you definitely prefer to be called “Ana”.  You love to be girly and get your fingernails painted but also love to “drive” trucks in the dirt right next to your big brother.  You have curls but only at the nape of your neck which makes for the cutest ponytail/pigtails that I’ve ever seen.  This is the last month that I can label your age by months and after this you will be “just over 2” or “not quite 3”.  Your favorite food is chicken nuggets and any kind of candy.  You’re vocabulary has exploded within the last 3-4 months and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

You are amazing.

And you are ours.

Happy birthday, baby girl.



Just a few minutes old

On our way to your (2nd) birthday mani/ped


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