We are officially old

We are at the age where we would rather buy the kids practical gifts than spend a ton of money on clothes or toys that they will outgrow within 3 months.

Rather than splurging on the things they want, we bought them . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

BUNK BEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a long-time coming since our house is so itty bitty and the kids already share a room AND Adrianna was still in a crib.

At first our plan was to build them since Greg has the tools and the know-how and I have . . .um . . . well, I can hand him stuff and push the cart around Home Depot while dancing through the aisles and hiding in industrial-size refrigerators waiting to scare him.  I also can whine about how tired I am of building stuff and we probably should have just bought the damn thing.

I’m shocked that he wouldn’t want to build a piece of furniture with me.

Also?  The cheapest plans that we could find were going to be more expensive (including the materials) than one that we could get from a furniture store.

We started looking in some local furniture shops around town months ago but 1) everything we liked was well over $1000 which was about $800 more than I was willing to pay and b) everything we like was well over $1000!!!  For a kids bed.  That they are going to (eventually) destroy.

I left Greg to his deal-finding devices (seriously: he is a mad man.  If you tell him that you need to find a pot of gold for less than $50 and if they could deliver that would be super, he will find it for you.  And probably talk them down to $35.)

He finally found one that we both liked.  Honestly?  I’m not all that difficult to please.  I only had 2 3 requests:

  • The price tag must not make me have a stroke
  • The ladder going to the top bunk had to come down at an angle rather than straight up
  • There had to be a side rail on the bottom bunk

He ended up finding one at Nebraska Furniture Mart for under $300 (wa-hoo!!) and they even threw in a twin mattress for $60.  Which was perfect since we already had Brock in a twin-sized bed.  The bed also had a ladder at an angle.  The only thing I didn’t get was a rail for the bottom.

Two outta three ain’t too bad.

My only “complaint” about Nebraska Furniture Mart was that they rang my doorbell at 7:30 AM on a Saturday morning.

Now.  If I had regular human children that were not of the alien variety that like to wake up before 6am, it would have been an issue.  However, since my children hate me and wake up before the sun even on a Saturday, we had been up for hours!  Win-win!

And, instead of helping Greg put it together, I took pictures.

I do these things for you, readers.

Rather than opening the boxes, I felt I owed it to the overall process to just snap a few pictures

Here “we” are, breaking apart Brock’s old bed.  Obviously the children were doing most of the work.

"Imma princess and I don't have to work"


Watcha doooooin'???



The great thing about the bunk bed slats is that they can be used as a jungle gym (↑) or a chair (↓)

Even though it took us the better part of a day to disassemble Brock’s old bed and the crib and put the bunk beds together, I think it was worth it

Happy birthday, kiddos!!


6 thoughts on “We are officially old

  1. Love the new beds! Our guys loved theirs for YEARS! I was amazed ours survived the guys and were able to be passed on to two different families. You should record some of their late night convos in the beds. Will be ones that melt your heart. 🙂

  2. We are all about practical gifts in our house.
    Even the Easter Bunny and Santa join us!
    The big bunny brought Isabelle a carseat this year- and instead of baskets they all got flower pots that happen to look very nice on my patio 🙂

  3. He looks so super excited to be sleeping so high up and she looks so tiny in that big bed. I am glad they enjoy their present. Something they will use for years. You and your sister didn’t like yours so much. Well, she crawled under it and couldn’t get out right? One of the funniest things ever.
    Mom and Dad

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