God can’t drive

On the way home from vacation bible school earlier in the week (it happened to be the same night that he pulled this stunt), I was asking the kids if they had fun.

“Yeah”, they chimed in unison.

What did you learn?

Sissy: “Ummmmm . . . ” (her typical answer these days.  I’m really not sure if it’s because she cannot pull the word out of her vocabulary or if she’s gauging your reaction to see if she’s in trouble for something.)

Brock: We wearned about God and stuff.

Me: Well, what did you learn about God?

Brock: Vat he woves us.

Me: He does love us!  What else did you learn?

Brock: Vat I can talk to him anytime I want.  But I hafta ask his mommy first.

Me: Well, you can talk to him anytime you want but God doesn’t have a mommy.

Brock: {thoughtful silence} Well, vee uver day I was talking to Him and He said He was going to come over to see me and Him was dwiving His car but DEEEEEENNNN?  He got mad at me and said he wouldn’t come to my house anymore! {hands thrown in the air for emphasis}

Me: Brock, God doesn’t drive a car and he wouldn’t get mad at you.

Brock: Mom.  If He doesn’t have a car, how can He come to see me?  He can’t FWY.  He doesn’t have wings.  Dos are da angels.

It’s hard to argue with logic like that.

Brock will be 4 in less than a month and Adrianna is 2.


One thought on “God can’t drive

  1. You are right, no need to argue with that logic. I found a couple of little bibles while cleaning out their room the other day. He wanted me to start reading it to him. He was amazed at Genesis when it said God created the earth. Of course, I had to explain that created meant made! Oh the wonders of a child.

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