This is important

Recently I got a facebook invite to an “event” that allegedly “supports” breast cancer research.

Two years ago it was “put the color of your bra as your status” but don’t tell the boys!! 

Tee hee.

Last year followed up with “in your status box, put the location of your purse”.  People’s status read things like, “In the car” or “On the kitchen counter”.  Again, of course, we weren’t supposed to “tell the boys”.

This year’s gem is: put your shoe size, followed by the word ‘inches’ and then a frown.  So mine should say, “8.5 inches :-(” 

Obviously, we aren’t supposed to tell the boys again this year.

Here’s my beef with this nonsense.

First of all, if you are going to support breast cancer research, then DO IT.  Run a race that is associated with a reputable organization (Susan G. Komen is an obvious example) where the proceeds go to research.  Have a bake sale and give the money you make to a local cancer research hospital (we have one right down the road from us and I know there are plenty more all over the country).  Participate in a local the Relay for Life where you can show your support not only with monetary donations but by being there. 

Watch the survivors walk. 

Watch people light candles in memory of those that lost their battle.  

But, please don’t just post some ridiculous status update that has sexual undertones that, in no way, “supports” anything.  I would even venture a guess that by posting your shoe size to make everyone “think” that you are posting the length of your significant other’s penis followed by a frowny face, left everyone not only confused, but took their mind even farther from self-breast exams or scheduling their yearly mammogram than it was to begin with.

Second of all, why are we instructed to “not tell the boys”?  Yes, breast cancer is significantly more prevalent in women than in men but men also have breasts and can, in fact, get breast cancer.  And, if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, will her husband, son, grandson, brother, father, etc. somehow not be affected?  Will the woman go through chemo and radiation, lose her hair, get radiation burns, endure a double mastectomy & the psychological damage that occurs afterward, be violently ill as a side effect of the drugs that are killing her along with her disease and the men in her life are supposed to act like they don’t care or notice?

I know that my husband would be the first to volunteer if I asked him to perform my breast exam for me.  He would also be the first one to come along with me for chemo treatments.  He would be the one that ensured that our children were cared for when I was too sick to get out of bed.  He would raise money to support research that would help end the horrible disease.

He would support me.

He wouldn’t just post a ridiculous status update and giggle about how clever it is to see: 12 inches 😦

*side note: I started this post yesterday but didn’t have time to finish it.  This morning, I found out that one of my co-workers was diagnosed with breast cancer after beating leukemia a few years ago.  She literally just got the call this morning so they don’t know much yet other than what I just told you but any extra prayers for her and her family would be much appreciated.


10 thoughts on “This is important

  1. Tara you are right that is a bad thing to go thought please seen me your co-workers name and I will put her on our prayer list at Church and I will be prayering for good news


  2. Or maybe we should post our status as “Susan Komen, Race for the Cure is happening soon, please donate. Or better yet, Breast Cancer Awareness Health Fair, all are invited for a free screening.
    Praying for all of those who have suffered from this horrible disease.

  3. I wish I could “like” your blog posts. This one by far hits home the closest and is closest in my heart. I have multiple aunts who are in remission or still going through treatments. Cancer just took my Grandfather last month and my Grandmother has lung cancer.. I hate all those stupid posts.. They make me angry! So far, my son and I have participated in 2 Relays and 2 other walks for cancer research. 🙂

  4. Thank you – those status updates are beyond ridiculous. I don’t think they help the cause at all.

    Would it be all right if I link your blog entry to my Facebook status?

  5. I am so sorry for your coworker. That is such a hard thing to go through.

    Kurt was telling me that men with breast cancer die more often than women, because they don’t think to check, and because there is so little breast tissue (and so it spreads faster to other places). He learned that when he was studying for Boards, and it sounds like it could be true.

    So sad.

    • It definitely makes sense that it is more deadly in men because 1. Most men think that they can’t get breast cancer and 2. Even if they thought they could, how many men do a breast self-exam??

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