Your words have power. Use them wisely.

It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m not the most patient person on the planet (points for alliteration!). 

Sometimes, it’s a good thing because it motivates me to get things done.  Like when I need to stick my foot up somebody’s ass.

Other times, it’s something that I absolutely loathe about myself.

Usually the kids’ shenanigans are good for a laugh or, at the very least, blog fodder but sometimes they push me to the edge in 0.2 seconds and I snap.  I immediately feel guilty because I know that they are just being kids and it’s not their fault that I’m edgy from a stressful day at work or because we never seem to have enough money in the bank or that I look at the clock and realize that it’s almost bedtime and I haven’t even started dinner.  It is, however, usually their fault that I’m always so damn tired but they will get their payback when they have hell beasts children of their own.

Fortunately for both me and my kids, I married way up in this department.  Greg doesn’t have patience for much but when it comes to his babies, he is a saint.  He seriously makes up for where I lack and I’m forever grateful that my children have one parent (that would be Greg) that knows to tell the other when to walk away before they (that would be me) lose their cool because the kids made (another) mess with the puzzles.

I know that there are many things that will cause me to stumble through my journey of parenthood but when we all come out on the other side, I want what most parents want: I want for everybody involved to look back and not have any regret or ill-feelings about it.  I’m sure that my kids will be mad at me on a daily basis and will, at some point, even tell me that they hate me.  However, I have to learn that they are the child and that we are the parents and it is our job to teach them they ways of the world and to help mold them into the adults we hope they will become. 

It’s time to make a major change.

Does this mean that I will allow my children to run over me?  Absolutely not.  I will continue to enforce our family rules and whenever one of them breaks a rule, they will be punished.  However.  I will not break my childrens’ spirits. 

I will allow them to see the joy in making a mess with packing peanuts. 

I will allow them to create “art” even if it means an extra 15 minutes with the vacuum.

I will allow them the simple pleasure of licking the beater of the mixer after we make cake batter.

I will allow them to learn how to do things even if it means I have to bite my tongue when they don’t do it they way I would.

I will allow them to be children and to experience joy that we so often lose as adults.

My words have power.

I will use them wisely.

{Image from Pinterest, unknown source}


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