From the mouths of babes

This weekend, we were coming home from a birthday party and Greg asked Brock if he would help him do something when we got home.  The following conversation might have been the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Greg: “Hey buddy?  Will you help me do _______ when we get home?”

Brock: “NO!”

Greg: {taken aback} “Uh, why not?”

Brock: “Because!  You are not my boss!”

Greg: “Young man . . . ”

Brock: “Dad!  You are not my boss because MOM is my boss.  She’s everybody’s boss!  Everybody knows that!”

That kid is getting double allowance this week.


One thought on “From the mouths of babes

  1. Such randomness that comes out of his mouth. Sounds like Daddy needs to spend more time coaching him on what to say!
    He told me the other day, he was going to be good for me, “You know why Nan?, Because I love you”.

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