Fire station fun

There’s this guy.

He’s technically my sister’s boyfriend but I’m pretty sure my kids would willingly take over for her if she would let them.

He’s a firefighter and he gave Greg, the kids and I a private tour of his fire station.

Brock was immediately in love and didn’t stop asking questions, turning dials, clamoring all over everything, etc.  All the while screaming, “Come over here and look at dis, guys!!!!”

We had to look in every compartment of the fire truck.

Brock couldn’t believe that the “fire guys” used the world’s biggest set of tools to cut apart cars.

The Jaws of Life = mind-blowing amounts of awesome.

But Brock wasn’t the only one that had fun that day!  Greg and Adrianna were pretty excited, too!

My brave little man even climbed up into the seat that controls the ladder!

Once we were finished looking at the trucks, we had to check out the gear.

Poor kiddo.  He inherited my ears.

Not to be outdone by her big brother

Can’t forget our accessories!

It was basically better than his birthday, Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one.


One thought on “Fire station fun

  1. Good thing Shawna’s boyfriend likes kids. When he is here, they climb all over him and want him to do everything with them. Too funny. I think Derek had as good a time showing it off as the kids had looking at everything.

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