I’m not sure if it’s the sad realization that summer really is over and the evil step-sister, Winter is just around the corner or that real-life often takes over but I have been in a writing funk lately.  I love writing all kinds of things from how embarrassing my kids are to being preachy about something to something mind-numbing like the joy that is using up an entire bottle of lotion.

But lately?

My mind has been blank.

Or, more appropriately, it has been so full of crap that all of my thoughts are causing a traffic jam so that NONE of them can get out.

I currently have 26 blog posts in my draft folder that I could be working on but I just can’t find the words to finish any of them.  I’ve got close to 10 drafts in my 101 things in 2002 days list that I could blog about but I have no words to put with the pictures.

With Greg going to school full-time and working significantly less, we have hit a few financial hiccups since August and that weighs heavily on my mind.  I also feel like we have something to do every.single.night and we barely have time to eat and shower before we rush off to bed.

But I also feel like I need to blog here and there so that when I look back on this little piece of the internet, I can remember what we were doing at this point in our lives.  And so that all of my loving fans can have an update from me!

Here’s what we have been up to:

  • Adrianna is taking dance and tumbling which she LOVES and now dances every time she hears music.  Including commercials.  And she makes anybody around her get up and dance, too.  If you don’t dance with her, you get screamed at.  You have been warned.
  • Brock is a rock-star at preschool and often gets mad when we don’t let him go everyday despite multiple discussions about how he only goes 2 half-days/week.
  • Greg’s anticipated graduation date is still set for May 5, 2012.  Only 193 days to go!!!!
  • Thursday is the last night of regular season football but they are undefeated (so far) which means that they are 2-0 in districts and, according to Greg, they are guaranteed at least one post-season game.  Best-case scenario: 2 more games this season.  Worst-case scenario: they go to state and the season is extended by a few more weeks.
  • I’m walking a very thin line between being a wife that supports her husband’s dreams and a wife that wants her husband back from his mistress: coaching football.  See above for example.
  • I started taking Paxil again.  I got a prescription for it about a year after Adrianna was born but I got “better” and stopped taking it.  After a particularly rough weekend, I decided that I should start taking it again.  It feels really weird putting that out there but it’s better than being on the front page of the paper for snapping, right?  Hopefully I will be able to eventually stop taking it but for now, we are living better through modern pharmaceuticals!
  • I threw up at my desk yesterday.  (No, I’m not pregnant.  You are only the 500th person that asked me that.)  I left work, took a nap and felt better by this morning.  Maybe I’m allergic to my job 😉 (If you are my boss and you stumbled upon this, please understand that last statement was satire.)
  • I’m going to the Women of Faith conference in November and I cannot wait!
  • I’m thinking about painting my nails “You Don’t Know Jacques” again but Greg hates it because it’s “grey and scary”.  Boys are silly.
  • We haven’t gotten family pictures taken in almost a year and we need to update.  Brock has a very curly mop in the last ones and now he has a buzz cut.
  • Christmas is 2 months (eek!) away and I haven’t even BEGUN shopping.  Or making a list.  Or doing anything remotely close to thinking about Christmas.
  • Somebody just told me that they “see in 3-D”.  ::head desk::  Don’t we all see in 3-D?  Other than people who have no depth perception??

That’s about all that I have for now but I am going to tell you that I will try to get better about being more consistent with the blogging thing.  Then again, I’m not exactly sure who I’m promising since I took a look at my statistics and my views/day lately has been scary low.


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