Sometimes you just have to give a big middle finger to the devil

Lately, things have been a little trying.

And by a little, I mean, I feel like we are robbing Phil to pay Steve to pay John to pay Peter to pay Paul. 

Money is one of those things that you can’t ever have enough of so it’s a stupid thing to fight about but it’s also a very real stressor when you worry every single day about having enough money to pay bills.  Luckily, I have a great job that pays well, I have great insurance, paid vacation, etc. so we can afford for Greg to go to school full-time.  However, there was a snafu with his refund check from financial aid that we were counting on back in September and it is now November 2 and we still haven’t gotten it.

We are managing and luckily we have awesome parents that understand what it’s like to have kids and be broke so they are helping us out until we get the refund money.

I feel like there has been a wedge between Greg and I lately and unfortunately, the wedge is money (or lack thereof).  But yesterday I woke up and decided that the devil is not going to beat us.  We are strong and we will overcome this.  I ran through every motivational saying/quote/scripture I could think of to reinforce that positive thinking.

If God is for me, who can be against me.

Live your life so when your feet hit the ground, the devil says, “Oh shit.  She’s up.”

Through Christ, all things are possible.

And, you know what?  I already feel a little better.

We still have more bills than money but I’m (slightly) less panicky about it.  I know that God will guide us down the right path.  I know that the refund check will come in.  Eventually.  I know that in 185 days Greg will graduate and, if all goes as it should, he will have a contract to start working a few months after that.

Sometimes, you just have to throw your middle finger at the devil and prove that God is bigger than the challenges you are being faced with.


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