I want this documented as proof that I’m not the meanest mom ever, despite what my kids usually say

I’m really bad about doing creative things with the kids.

I always envy those mothers that have it all together because usually I feel like I’m just barely hanging on.

We are usually running late, the kids are whining about being hungry/thirsty/tired/bored/etc, if I’m lucky I have clean hair (but it’s usually in a ponytail) and a dab of mascara on.  I don’t usually remember to pack all of the extras that we need for dance class, I rarely have money for offering at youth group, I occasionally remember to have a few extra diapers on hand in case of an emergency; you get the idea.

But then this little thing came into my life.

Pinterest. (Currently it’s by invite only so hit me up if you want in!  I can send 4 invites/day)

You know how people have idea boards that they “pin” pictures to?  Well, Pinterest is a virtual way of doing that!  It’s perfect for me because I can go back to it anytime that I need an idea or inspiration and not have tons of clutter around our already-crowded house.

A few weeks ago, we were in charge of snacks for Brock’s preschool and I was stumped.  Then, I remembered that I had pinned some kid-friendly snack ideas to my “Things for the kiddos” board and found these little cuties:

Grapes + vanilla icing + mini chocolate chips + kabob skewers = edible caterpillars!  Bonus points for being a healthy snack!

Fast forward a couple of weeks to one particularly rough night at home of tantrums about dinner and fighting over toys, and I had a thought that struck like a bolt of lightning.

I had seen something on Pinterest that looked like it might save the night.

You start with an empty bathtub and 2 bored kids:

Add a little of this:

And you end up with a solid hour of entertainment (counting the real bath afterward!)

And, since they were already in the tub, clean-up was a breeze!  We ran a small amount of water in the tub, I had them wash the paint off and then we ran a new tub of water for them to take a bath in.

I’ve pinned tons of other ideas, too.  And with winter just around the corner and the amount of time we will be spending outside will be limited, I’m sure I will be tapping into those ideas sooner rather than later!


One thought on “I want this documented as proof that I’m not the meanest mom ever, despite what my kids usually say

  1. Well, you know Adrianna always wants to color so it is perfect for her. And if she is doing it, Brock can’t be left out. I bet you could have left them alone for quite a while in there and accomplished other things while they were playing.

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