Deck the Halls

*Preemptive disclaimer: Since I got my new iPhone (squeeeee!), I have been using it to take pictures rather than my super nice DSLR.  Please forgive me for the shitty quality of the upcoming pictures.  I will get over my iObsession.  iEventually.  iMaybe.*

Even though we have had the Christmas tree up for a few weeks already, I’m just now getting around to posting because, well, because I’m a combination of lazy and busy.

We do a fakey because 1) Greg has tons of allergies and I don’t want to find a real tree that we love and get decorated only to have my husband die of a sneeze attack and 2) we used to have cats and I didn’t want them to knock over a real tree and get sap/water all over my carpet.

The kids are sizing it up, decided the best way to go about tackling the beast.


Finally they call in for some reinforcements in the form of Daddy.


All lit up and nowhere to go.  (Again, sorry for the blurry.  My phone is perfect in every other way.)



I *think* Adrianna has at least underwear on but I can’t be sure.  Socks?  Yes.  Hair accessory?  Absolutely.  Any other clothes?  Meh.


We have tons of awesome ornaments that we’ve collected over the years.  Every year my parents buy us an ornament that is significant to us and in some way, represents the previous year.  I have a ton of nursing ornaments and Greg has some construction (from years gone by) and now has a few teacher ornaments.  The kids’ are usually in line with their current obsession (last year Brock’s was a Buzz/Woody one and Adrianna got a princess).

The kids loved all of their ornaments so much, they continuously moved them around on the tree to the point that I went out and bought them a 2-foot tree to keep in their room and we let them decorate it howEVER they wanted. 

Tiny colored lights?  Sure! 

3 Grinch ornaments on one branch so they won’t “get lonely”?  You bet! 

It’s your tree!  Knock yourselves out!

But stop touching the big tree because it is driving Momma bat-shit crazy.

Greg and I agreed that next year we are going to let each of the kids have their own tree for their own ornaments and a few of ours that they have fallen in love with (see: ones that have moving parts and sounds) and we are going to have a “fancy” tree in the living room. 

With coordinated ornaments and stuff. 

See what I mean about the fancy?  It’s outta control, y’all.

That’s the plan for next year but for now, our tree is up, our outside lights are strung and our stockings are hung by the door (because we have electric heat therefore no mantle) with care.  I will make a fresh batch of cookies for the fat man, buy some carrots for the reindeer and I will make a batch of cupcakes to celebrate Jesus’ birth. 

I love this time of year even though it’s commercialized and stressful.

I love getting together with friends and family.

I love our little church’s Christmas Cantata (which I missed this year.)

I love the excitement in our childrens’ eyes when we drive around and look at all of the “Christmas houses”.

I love that we are blessed enough to be able to give gifts to our family and friends.

I love that we have a Lord and Savior that sacrificed everything for us and that He gives us a reason to celebrate this time of year.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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