I’m so glad that I married up in so many areas

Last night, Brock wanted to spend the night with his grandparents and Adrianna decided that she would rather stay home with us.  She still has some Christmas money so we thought we would take her shopping and have dinner and just have a little one-on-one time with our little princess.

Of course she had other plans that involved a couch, Mickey Mouse and underwear.

Through a series of random and somewhat unfortunate events (that were quickly resolved), we ended up making a mad dash to Barnes & Noble to get a book for one of Greg’s classes that starts on Monday (Have you seen the ticker on the sidebar??  As of yesterday, we are a mere 4 months from graduation!!!)  As we were walking into B&N, Adrianna looked into the food court and saw the carousel. 

Her eyes lit up and I attempted to hide my internal dread from her.

“Pwease!  Pwease I wide it, can I?”

“No, baby.  We don’t really have time.”

Then my husband flashes a smile at me and says, “What else do we have to do tonight?  Let’s take her to ride it.”

And you know what?

He was right.

At that moment, we didn’t have anything better to do than to experience the pure excitement and joy that can only be felt when you are 2-years-old and are riding a plaster bunny around in a circle 5 times.

Most days I’m really bad about just “getting through it” and not really enjoying my children.  Luckily I have a husband that reminds me that our daughter will only be this age once and in 10 years, I will be the one begging her to ride the carousel with me.


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