Resolutions one week after they are made

Last week after what seemed like 2-3 endless weeks of non-stop nomming on all kinds of deliciousness with work carry-ins, Christmas candy that my talented grandmothers made, Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls on more than one occasion, huge breakfasts of biscuits and gravy, bacon, pancakes, casseroles & hash browns . . . I cautiously stepped on the scale.

And then I died.

When I recovered I assured myself that I hallucinated just prior to passing out and that hallucination was what I witnessed rather than my weight.  

Then stupidly, I tempted fate again.

Then I promptly marched into the living room to get Greg to force him to weigh himself because I will be damned if we didn’t both overdo it over the holidays and if I am going to be miserable, he is going to join me on this ride.

Misery loves company, amiright?

We both buckled down and decided that the time had come (again) to lose weight.

We both logged back into My Fitness Pal (my username is mommastemme if you are looking for a buddy to encourage/support/kick your ass) and begrudgingly updated our weights and began to count calories.

We’ve both been down this road multiple times and this website really seemed to be the most helpful thing.  It forces you to be accountable for everything that you eat (bonus: there is a mobile version so we both installed the app so we can update on the go!).  There is a spot for exercise on there (which I’m really bad about but I’m going to work on it).  There is also a huge database for every food imaginable.  Everything from granola bars from Aldi’s to dinner at Applebee’s.  It really takes the guesswork out of counting.  And sometimes it saves you from eating a 700 calorie Peanut Buster Parfait when you only have 250 calories left for a snack.


Did I mention that it’s completely FREE?!?!  Which is the best thing in the world for my husband because he is so tight that his butt squeaks when he walks.  Or maybe that’s gas.

Probably gas.

This won’t be easy.  I know that because I’ve done this before.


I’m not going to set crazy goals for myself and put tons of pressure on myself (out loud, anyway).  I have an idea of where my goal weight is and I know that it’s going to take some time before I get there. 

In addition to being more mindful of the foods that I eat & upping the amount that I exercise (yikes, you guys?  I’m going to try but it’s really hard for me to get this one done), I’m also going to wrap once/week and I’m also taking my Vitals, Greens  (hello 8 servings of fruits/veggies!) and ThermoFit (3/day gives me an extra 278 calories burned!!)

(Ramble alert:) It’s really unfortunate that carrots make me more hungry after I’ve eaten them.  Does this happen to anybody else?  Or is it just me?  Of all of the vegetables, they are one of my favorites and, don’t get me wrong, they are much better than chips if I’m looking for a crunchy snack.  But it does sort of de-rail the process of eating healthier if I’m more ravenous after my 9am snack, yes?

Especially when my co-workers are all sipping on their delicious mochas and eating biscuits and gravy.

Water and carrots.

Mocha and B&G.


The devil is dripping in gravy right now.

But I will not give into the temptation.

I waited to put this out there in the universe because sometimes it feels like that jinxes it, ya know?  But now that we are through week 1, I’m so happy and proud to report that I’m down 7.1 pounds!!  Yes, I know that it’s mostly water/holiday weight and yes, I know that the next 7 pounds won’t be that easy.  However, 7.1 pounds is absolutely a win for the week!

Feel free to leave a comment and share your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals and, if you decide that you want to join My Fitness Pal, be sure to look me up!  We can all use some encouragement!

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way.  My Fitness Pal has no idea who I am but I love ’em anyway!

P.P.S. If you want the hook-up on wraps (or any of our other products) or just want more info about them, holla at me and we will get together!


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