So much of this is exactly what I wanted to say

When I wrote this post about getting healthy and losing weight, I had some thoughts but was having trouble verbalizing.  I really want to get to the point where I am healthy.  I would love to love my body.   I’m hoping that I get there but that is a toughie.  I’m not going to point the finger of blame at any one person (or society as a whole, for that matter) because the truth of the matter is, I allowed myself to feel inadequate for so many years.  Constantly comparing myself to others when I should be looking inward.  Trying to get healthy/skinny for all of the wrong reasons.

But this woman basically summed up what I was trying to say.  Especially the part about how you cannot hate yourself into a healthy place.  It’s easy to make a resolution about losing weight.  That’s why it’s the number one resolution every January!  But, if you make that resolution because you hate your ass/hips/stomach/arms/neck/jowls, then that resolution won’t stick.  You have to love yourself in order to get healthy.  Sometimes you have to love yourself enough to smack the brownie out of your hand before you stuff it in your face, but whatevah.

You get the idea.

Love yourself enough to want to be a healthier version of yourself.

Love yourself enough to be accountable to get off the couch and workout for 30 minutes because you know the sweat will make you healthier.

Love yourself enough to not pin the blame on your spouse if they cheat and eat an extra slice of pizza and you decide that it’s okay if you do the same.

I’m going to love myself into a healthier place.

It’s not going to be easy and I know I will stumble along the way but it will be worth it. 

My kids deserve to have a healthy mom that has the energy to keep up with them.

My husband deserves to have a wife that sees the beauty that he sees and wants to continue to build our (long) happy life together.

I deserve to not be filled with self-loathing every time I shop for a bathing suit/underwear/jeans.

So today, I’m going to have lunch with my co-workers.  They are having pizza.  I’m having a baked potato (ranch dressing rather than sour cream) and an apple with peanut butter (gotta have some protein!).

Because I love myself enough to know that it’s the better choice for me right now.


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