I’m right, you’re wrong! School edition.

A blogger that I adore (Marinka), does a weekly-ish “I’m right, You’re Wrong!” and I feel like most days I have some type of battle that fits this theme.  Today, I decided to blog about it and let my readers decide!

In order to avoid you picking my side purely based on the fact that you value our friendship and don’t want me to be mad at you, I will keep our positions anonymous and let you decide who said what and, more importantly, who is right.

Here’s a hint: I’m right.

Backstory: Greg has mock interviews with several area schools today and, if they like him well enough, they will keep him “in mind” for a job in August (which I think basically means that he will be able to interview with them again but he might have a slight edge because they have seen his face before).  After some deliberation and discussion with his instructors, he settled on wearing a suit.  He currently only owns one suit so that decision was easy.  Then he had to figure out a shirt (the suit has extremely thin blue pinstripes so a blue shirt was an obvious choice) and the tie.

Position #1: There are 3 ties to choose from.  One of them is out of the question because it is teal and navy.  This one (in the picture) is the best choice.  It compliments the shirt without being too loud.

Position #2: I think the tie should be either solid or striped.  This tie (in the picture) is too distracting to the eye.  What if the principal can’t focus on the interview because of the very distracting tie?


So, what do you say?  Does that tie look good or distracting?



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