I really want to be graceful about this but that’s probably not going to happen because I’m too excited!

Guess what?!

I weighed myself this morning and I am currently down 13.2 pounds in just under 3 weeks!!

New Year’s Resolutions, FTW!!!  (FTW = for the win.  It took me a few minutes months to figure it out so I thought I would pass it along for those that didn’t know.  It also stands for F*** the World so you see why I was very confused for several months.  I couldn’t understand why everybody in my virtual world had become so gangsta all of a sudden.  Turns out?  I’m just incredibly white and nerdy.)

I swear to all that is Holy, I’m not doing anything crazy.  I honestly wouldn’t even call this a “diet”.  I’m just monitoring my calorie intake and trying to make more mindful choices.  I remind myself to reach for a yogurt as a snack rather than ice cream.  Or to throw extra spinach leaves in my veggie wrap and a little less cheese.  It’s really hard most days but I’m trying to keep in mind what I posted last week about loving myself into healthy.  I’m doing this for me.  I want to be healthy and, eventually, get to a point where this is my norm and “making good choices” becomes “eating” because a majority of what I eat will just naturally be a good choice.

Does that make sense?

It sounds good in my head and when I read it out loud but I know what I mean and I hope you do, too.

One thing that has really helped?  Having friends on the journey with me!  I’ve raved before about My Fitness Pal so I will spare you, but it’s really really amazing how much more motivated I feel when I login and see that one friend burned over 600 calories with one workout (ZOMG!) or that this friend lost 1 pound last week!  It inspires me to keep it up so that I will have something to post that I am proud of.  It also helps tremendously that Greg is losing weight with me.  It’s always nice when your partner in life grabs your hand and you can make a journey together.

Another thing that is helping?  My fat fighters!  I love those little suckers!  I’m also wrapping at least once/week to help tighten my skin as I lose weight.

One thing I need to work on?

Working out.


I know that I would love it if I could just commit to it but man, oh man.  It’s really hard to get to that point. 

But, still!!  13.2 pounds!!!  Whoot Whoot!!!


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