I ran

I am not, nor will I possibly ever be an avid runner.

But I know that I need to up the amount of cardio that I do (which, as of a few weeks ago was about the level of “My heartbeat speeds up when I watch a scary movie.”) and ever since I made the decision to get healthy with weight-loss as a side-effect, I knew that I would eventually have to incorporate exercise into that.

I’ve fought with Jillian and her so-called 30-Day Shred.

I’ve cried when Tony Horton pranced around like a poodle on crack telling me what a great job I’m doing and I can barely do one pull-up.

I’m too poor (and frankly, too realistic) to buy a gym membership.

I was almost desperate enough to buy a Richard Simmons video.

But I decided to start running.

I’ve casually run before.  Like when my kids threaten to eat the last cookie and I have to race them to the kitchen.  Or when I did that 5K for boobies.

But I’ve never really been able to stick with any sort of exercise program.

Obviously.  This fact is what necessitated the change.

But over a year ago, several of my online friends were discussing an app called Couch to 5K.  The point is that it gets you from the couch to running a 5K in 8 weeks.  Which is kind of perfect for me because I do want to get healthy but I’m not in an incredible rush to run a marathon or anything.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally downloaded the free version.  I only downloaded the free version because, while I love my husband very very much, he might be the cheapest man on the plant and he didn’t want me to spend $1.99 on the full-version until I tried this one out to see if I would actually stick with it. 


So I tried it. 

And?  It’s interesting . . .

I can play iTunes while the program is running which is a must because I run like a 2,000 pound elephant and I don’t need a reminder of that. 

Plus, I like to listen to really angry Eminem while I run.

I find that it relaxes me.

But the premise of the C25K is that is works you up to be able to run a full 5K.  So the first day you have a 5 minute warm-up.  Followed by multiple intervals of 1-minute running/1.5 minutes walking and then finally a 5-minute cool-down. 

One of my favorite things about the app is when it’s time to run, it turns down your iTunes and a little ding! comes on and a very soothing voice says, “Start running”.  Then the iTunes turn back up and before you know it, you have run for a full-minute with “Back that Ass Up” pushing you forward.

So last week I did really well.  I ran all 3 days (like the programs suggests) but then Friday night I got waylaid by a nasty stomach bug courtesy of mini-me (Adrianna, I mean.  Not Vern Troyer.  Although THAT would be one helluva blog post, no?).  Even after feeling mostly better on Sunday, I was afraid to chance it because there is this thing called Runner’s Trots.

And I kinda already had that courtesy of my stomach bug.

And I didn’t really want to shit my pants.

So yesterday I felt like I was in the safe-zone so I decided to chance it.

I packed my running clothes, picked Brock up from daycare, sent Adrianna to dance class and went to my parents’ house. 

Brock played with my parents while I ran.

Even though it was cold.

And I was running into the wind.

And I forgot to pack a t-shirt so I had 2 sports bras (curse you, breastfeeding!) and my hoodie which nearly made me freeze, initially.  But then I got a pretty good sweat going so I warmed up fairly quickly.

And I forgot to pack my ear warmers (thank goodness for the hood on the hoodie!).

And I forgot to pack gloves so I tucked my hands inside my sleeves.

Even though all of those things were trying to persuade me not to run, I did it.

I ran/walked 3 miles and I hated almost every second of it. 


I was incredibly proud of myself that I actually did it.

And getting up off the couch is step #1.


5 thoughts on “I ran

    • The first few days, yes. Very very sore. But I ran last night after not running all weekend and I can barely feel it today. Which only tells me that I didn’t push myself quite hard enough last night.

      Sore = change and once you can get through that first day, it feels good to run through the soreness.

  1. I just started C25K on Saturday and ran again last night (after Curves Zumba). Was so ridiculously sore all day long! But power to us both! Now, the free version I found is not the one where you can listen to your own music . . . where did you find this? I think that would be more enjoyable than the so-so music version I found.

    • I went to the app store and typed in “Couch to 5K” and the first one that came up was the free one. It’s yellow/black and has the C25K written in a diagonal across the box.

      Does that help?

      • Thanks, Tara! It looked like that one was only free for the first one, so I found the other free one but didn’t have the hour it would take to update my iPod last night. Great weekend project!

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