Dream a little dream of me

Last night, I had one of the strangest non-pregnancy dreams that I’ve had in quite a while.  So now you get to share in the weirdness with me.  Enjoy!

Monday night in reality:

I had to run some stuff over to a friend’s house.  (Let’s call her Schmesiree.  And we will call her husband Schmason.  I want to protect their identities. She is also one of my It Works distributors.  Which will come into play a little later.)  We visit for a few minutes, nothing major.  I leave her house and drive past her husband as he is coming home.  We both wave.  I take Brock to my parents’ house so he can play baseball with Nanny and Papa and I go for a run.  Brock and I leave Mom and Dad’s, drive to pick up Adrianna from dance class and then drive home.  It’s a quick bath and then early bedtime for the kiddos because Greg has to leave early with them in the morning.

All of these are mundane little details and it was really just a typical Monday evening.

However.  This is what happened in my dream:

In my dream, I did go to Schmesiree’s house.  But I decided that I was going to run instead of drive.

If she didn’t live over 20 miles from my house, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

But Dream Tara is stoopid and she decided to run to her friend’s house.  And I had a grocery bag full of stuff to bring her.  (In reality, I had to bring her one piece of paper and she had 2 things for me.)

About 5 minutes into my run, it started to rain.  And I’m not talking about a little drizzle, my nizzle.  Oh ho ho no.  It went from sunny skies to a torrential downpour in 20 seconds.

Obviously I couldn’t keep running through all of the rain!

So I decided that I was just going to swim the rest of the way there. 

Again.  Dream Tara?  Stoopid.

When I finally got to Schmason and Schmesiree’s house, Schmason answered the door and he was all, “Helloooooo??  Where the eff have you BEEN?!  We are waiting for more wraps so we can do this party!”

And I was all, “Uh, have you looked outside lately?  I had to swim to get here!”

He takes a quick peek outside and is like, “Huh.  We didn’t even notice that it was raining!”

Okay, things took a weird(er) turn at this point because all of a sudden I notice that Schmesiree, Schmason and all of their guests are naked.

Not like, Schmason didn’t have a shirt on and some of the guests were wearing bathing suits.

They were all naked, naked.

They were so naked that it might be hard for me to look Schmesiree and Schmason in the face the next time I see them.

When Schmesiree saw my confusion, she cleared things up by saying, “Oh, it’s okay.  This is how I do wrap parties.  It’s so much easier than having everybody go into the bathroom to take their clothes off!”

Obviously I realize that I’m overdressed so I . . .  that’s right.  I get naked, too.  I mean, I don’t want her guests to feel uncomfortable!

About that time, Greg pulls into their driveway because he got worried about me because I decided to go for a 20 mile run in the middle of the Great Flood.

When Greg see’s that I’m naked, he screams, “Why in the fuck are you NAKED at Schmason & Schmesiree’s house?!”

So I yelled back, “Well.  If you would ever come with me to wrap parties, then you would UNDERSTAND!!!”

And then I swam back home.

The end.

Please feel free to analyze the weirdness . . . now.


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