Smack fight!!!!!

I never remember inventing games when I was younger.

There were always the old standbys: Tag, Red Rover, etc. but I never came up with anything on my own. If I got bored (which, thanks to my parents and their never-ending to-do lists rarely happened) I would curl up with a good book and get lost.

Even as a child, I was nerdy.

My children on the other hand, have more creativity in their baby fingers than I’ve ever had in my entire life.

That’s not to say that some days I’m not inundated with the, “She’s looking at me!” or “Can we puh-lease go somewhere today?!” But for the most part, they have pretty active imaginations. Adrianna usually plays “The Momma” and bosses her babies around, makes them cry (I assume because she is so mean to them) and then picks them up and soothes them while saying, “Iss okay. Momma’s here, baybee.”

For the record? I have no idea why she is so bossy.


Brock likes to make his animals fight with each other.

Or sometimes, he and Daddy set up a “jungle” and they go “hunting”.

In the hallway.

With Nerf Guns.

And my kid may or may not be nekkid.



But one of their newest games is simply called Smack Fight.

They invented it while they were in the tub because apparently we don’t supply them with enough bath toys (That’s a total lie.  They have 10x the amount of bath toys they need).

The rules are simple.

1) Each kid gets a washcloth.

2) The supervising parent has to pull the bath curtain closed.

3) There is no hitting in the face.

4) Once your washcloth is completely soaked, you smack the other person.

Approximately every 45 seconds, one of them breaks Rule #3 so there are usually a few tears involved in Smack Fighting.

But, hey.  If we wanted us a couple of wussies, we would’ve named them Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman!

So there you have it.

The next time your kids are driving you bat-shit crazy, throw ’em in the tub, give them each a washcloth, be sure to shut the curtain (but please stay in the bathroom & peek your head around the curtain every 30 seconds or if they get the slightest bit quiet, okay?  I don’t want to hear about any babies drowning because of Smack Fight.) and let them Smack Fight it out!

You might need a glass or five of wine by the end of the bath, but it will totally be worth it!


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