Last night was Brock’s first t-ball practice.

Initially, he was super nervous because he claimed that he didn’t know how to play.  However, I strongly suspect he was the Ringer because he.did.awesome.

Chickety-check it out!

Dirty before we even got to the field ↓





He looks like he’s about the get into a fight with the ump over a bad call:



The princess got bored and stole one of the little boy’s trucks and was loading them up with dirt. 

In her new dress.

And then she got mad because her fingernail polish got chipped.

It’s hard to simultaneously be a princess and a tomboy.

Le sigh.


At first she wanted me to take a picture of her smiling but then changed her mind at the last-minute and wanted to “pwetend to be mad”.


Two and Four are awesome.

Mixed with frustration.

Blended with hilarious.

Topped with WTF.

Basically?  Kids are weird, man.


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