My latest 5K! With fun pictures!

Just over a week ago, I did the Go Girl 5K.

Which? I really hate the name but it’s a cool idea. It was sponsored by the local Women’s and Children’s Hospital and you could choose your charity from a list. All of the charities were centered around women/children diseases/causes.

My charity was March of Dimes.


See?  They even gave me a cool pin to wear during the race!

I was running in honor of Diana and her twin boys that she lost at 19 weeks, 4 days into her pregnancy.  I read her story just before the race registration and when March of Dimes was listed as a charity that I could run for, there wasn’t any hesitation.  Even though Sam, Diana & Bella lost the boys, I wanted to run in their memory.  And for every baby that is born premature.

When the race was initially scheduled, it was supposed to start at 8am but there was a heat warning that day, so the start time was bumped to 7:30am.

That 30 minutes?  Didn’t really help.

There was a giant hill right off the bat which one of my friends warned me about but I had enough adrenaline circulating that it carried me up the hill.  I didn’t even feel fatigued until just after the first mile.


The side stitch.

Oh.  Mah.  Gaw.

Before the race Greg made me promise that I wouldn’t be my normal “stupid self” and just push through the pain.  It was way to hot to be messing around with dehydration and I knew that I had to go into work right after the race.

So I played it safe.

Unfortunately, I finished 3 minutes slower than my last 5K but the important thing is that I finished!


And don’t ask me what the hell that face is about.  Apparently I do weird things when I run.

But I’m in good company!  Here are some pictures of my friends that ran the race, too!


*Note: I’m not sure why the pictures keep getting smaller as I add each one.

*Another note: I have more friends that ran the race but there are literally thousands of pictures from the race and these are the ones that I stole from my friends’ facebook pages.  So, if you didn’t post to facebook (or if I didn’t see it), I didn’t put your picture up here.  If you want to be a part of the awesomeness that is my blog (heh!), holla at me and I will add it!

At the end of the race, they gave everybody a wine glass with the logo etched on it.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have a wine bar for us to fill up our glasses, but they did have a tent with smoothies!  I had the chocolate java chip and it.was.amazeballs.

After the race, I went to work for 5 hours.

With no shower in between.

Aren’t you glad that you don’t work with me?!


2 thoughts on “My latest 5K! With fun pictures!

  1. Oh, my gosh – I’m so glad you didn’t find my picture to post. Oh, well . . . as I’ve said several times, I didn’t collapse! 🙂

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