The kids’ initial reaction to the pregnancy news

We were a little hesitant to tell the kids about the baby because it’s still early and I didn’t want them to tell everybody we knew (and some that we don’t) but we decided that we wanted them as involved as possible so we would include them early on.

Here’s a list of some of the hilarious things they (mostly Brock) have said since they heard the news:

Greg: Can you guys keep a secret?

Brock: {raises his hand} Oh, yes!  I’m really good at keeping secrets but Adrianna isn’t.  {long pause} Probably because she’s a girl.


Me: Hey guys!  Do you want to give the baby and hug and kiss before bed?

Brock/Adrianna: YES!!!

Adrianna: {in a soft, sweet little voice} G’night, baby bruder or sisser.

Brock: {in an equally soft, sweet little voice} G’night, baby.  Don’t let the blood bugs bite.

Greg: Blood bugs? 

Brock: Um, yeah?!  The baby doesn’t sleep in a bed!  It sleeps in mommy’s tummy and it’s covered in blood!  I don’t want the bugs to bite the baby!


As we were sitting down to eat dinner a couple of weeks ago, I raised my fork up to my mouth and Brock swatted at my hand.

Me: Excuse me?!

Brock: Mom! Don’t eat! Do NOT eat! 

Me: Why?!

Brock: Mom!  The baby is in your tummy!  Do you want your baby to be born, covered in FOOD?!


Brock: What will you say when the baby comes out of your vagina? Oh! I know! You will say, “OWWWWWWWIIIIIEEEEE!!!”

Adrianna: {insert horrified look} Mommy!!  Don’t let the baby come out of MY gina!  It will huwt me weawwy baaaadddd!


Greg has been in love with the name Maximus for a boy for a while now and I’ve repeatedly vetoed that name.  So I thought we should get the kids’ opinion.

Brock: No. Definitely no! That is the name of the horse from Rapunzel. And I am NOT naming my baby brother after a HORSE!

This coming from the kid that wants to name a boy Brock, Jr. or a girl Averyanna (Greg’s best friend has a daughter named Avery.  Brock felt that combining the names was a good option so he would have “less names to memorize”.  News flash: This isn’t George Foreman’s house.)


And my favorite one to-date:

Brock: Mom? Will our baby be black?

Me: No.

Brock: Well, there are black kids.  Why don’t we get one?

Me: First of all, it isn’t a trip to the mall where you get to pick out your favorite toy.  God gives us the baby that he picks for us.  And second of all, you have two white parents.  Two white parents have white babies.  When a black baby is born, it’s because at least one of their parents is black.  It’s the same when Chinese, Indian and Mexican babies are born.

Brock: Huh!  Well that makes sense, I guess!  Mom?  You are so smart!  Almost as smart as me!


16 thoughts on “The kids’ initial reaction to the pregnancy news

  1. Congrats on the new baby! When are you due? Brock is do funny! He really is such a smart and witty little boy!

  2. Bahaha! These are great. Keep them coming.

    You will totally have to let Brock be in the room for your home birth! I can only imainge the insights he will have to share!!


    • Yeah, Greg really isn’t too excited about doing a home-birth. We may have to settle on a Bradley class and do a hospital birth (minimal to no intervention) and then leave as soon as possible. I still really want to have one but I don’t want Greg to feel like his opinion doesn’t matter, ya know?

  3. Tara you should be a writer, you make me laugh, you do a great job of telling the children’s stories!! We are so blessed with such a cute family. Love you guys! Pat and Dave ( Gee Gee and PaPa Dabe )

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