Saturday, May 19th

**This was the first post that I wrote when I found out that I was pregnant with Baby #3

Quite honestly, I’m not even sure how to begin this post so I’m just going to start word vomiting all over the page and we will see how it turns out, m’kay? (As I re-read through this post, I realize that there are quite a few dates and specific things that might not be interesting but I want to be able to document everything and I’m too cheap to buy a pregnancy journal, so feel free to skim over this post if you are so inclined. Just dont’ tell me about it. I’m pregnant and hormonal and might cry because you hurt my feelings.)

Greg and I have been “trying” to get pregnant with Baby #3 for a couple of months. And, by trying, I mostly mean having unprotected sex and hoping for the best. But in April, I actually paid attention to my cycle and we timed things around when I was ovulating. But last weekend (May 12-13th), I began to notice a few “symptoms” like constipation (despite no diet/exercise changes) and weird dreams (like, Brock got arrested at the age of 4). I took a pregnancy test even though it was way too early and, shockingly, it was negative.

The weird dreams continued all during this week and I was supposed to start my period on Tuesday, May 22nd so I thought, “Meh. What the hell? I will be fine to test now.”

And I did.

3 times.

Do you want to guess what all 3 of the tests said?

I will give you a hint:


As of late January/early February, Greg and I will officially be switching from man-to-man defense to a zone defense.

The realization that we will soon be outnumbered is akin to the feeling you get when you are on a HUGE roller coaster and just as you reach the top of the biggest hill, your stomach does a flip-flop as you look down and realize exactly how many feet are between you and death.

Utter terror mixed with pure excitement.


Even though it looks like we are all naked in this picture, we aren’t.

Well, I’m not.

The kids had just had their 3rd bath of the day (warm May days + no rain for over a week = lots of baths) and Greg rarely wears a shirt around the house.

And, as you can see, we are all very excited.  Except for Adrianna when she realized the “pee thing” was right next to her face.


2 thoughts on “Saturday, May 19th

  1. I’m very excited and nervous for you both. Three kiddos! You are an awesome woman! I’m super scared to have one! I know your ute has been aching for an occupant, and now it aches no more….for a little bit anyway. Way to go!

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