Wednesday, May 23, 2012

**Note: I wrote this post over 2 weeks ago.  That is all.

Yesterday we had our first appointment with the doctor!

Only it wasn’t with the doctor, it was with a nurse. But still! We are doing mundane things that almost nobody but us cares about!

At my OB’s office, the initial visit is with a nurse where they ask you lots of questions about past medical history, family history, previous pregnancies, etc. They also take a urine sample and draw about half of your body’s blood supply.

It’s super fun!


I even took pictures to remind myself of how much fun I was having!

It was mostly boring because our nurse had zero sense of humor. But my bestie brought up an excellent point.

“She doesn’t give 2 shits that you are pregnant. You are excited; not her. She deals with people like you all day long.”

Um?  Ouch.

That truth bomb? Hurt a bit.

One thing that was really strange was when she asked if I exercised. When I said “yes”, she said “how much”, and I said “30-45 minutes 4-5 days/week.” She just kind of scoffed and said, “Well, don’t be surprised if you can’t walk without getting short of breath within a month.”

Human gestation is still 40 weeks, no? I’m just over 4 weeks so the chances of the baby that is the size of an apple seed making me short of breath are slim to none right now.

In a few more months? Yes.

Also? When I was pregnant with Brock, my OB constantly told me what a fat-ass I was and that I needed to exercise more. This nurse told me that I exercise too much.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

After the thrilling appointment, we went to the thrilling grocery store (aren’t you jealous of our exotic lives?!) because I saw this at Harper’s Happenings and decided that it needed to be in my belleh STAT. (P.S. If you haven’t already, you should click on over to check out Mandy and her insanely cute daughter. The have some pretty amazing vlogs that will make you pee in your Fruit of the Looms.)

I added Garden Veggie cream cheese to mine and it was delicious.

So delicious that I ate another batch.

And I am unashamed.


And then I treated myself to a little cereal (I almost always have to have something sweet to top off a meal) and some light reading that was given to us by our very personable and friendly nurse!


It’s amazing slash terrifying that we are doing this all over again.

Hold me.

And make me some more avocado toast, please.


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