5 Weeks

**Note: I wrote several of these posts a couple of weeks ago. I’m just publishing one/day until I get caught up.
It’s that time again! Weekly pregnancy update! Which I realize is THRILLING for all of you, but it’s nice for me to be able to document all of this so this little nugget doesn’t feel left out later in life. Let’s get started, shall we?

I worked REALLY hard to not have a bitch-face in this picture.

Can you tell?

For consistency’s sake, I kept the same shirt for Week 4 & 5.

Also for the sake of consistency, I kept my hair in a greasy ponytail and left my glasses on.

You’re welcome.


Obviously there isn’t any difference but it’s still fun to see pictures of my belly each week.

Or, it will be once there is a noticeable difference.

How far along? 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: none
Maternity clothes? Nope
Stretch marks? From the previous knuckleheads
Sleep:Um, not too bad yet. But I’m still having weird dreams. What exactly are these dreams, you ask? Well, Sunday night, I dreamed that I met Mandy from Harper’s Happenings (avocado sandwich, for the win!) and I was SO excited when I woke up! Only to be SO sad when I realized it was a dream and that I did not, in fact get invited to the Pacific Northwest to share a latte and an avocado sandwich.
See what I mean? Weird. And that one was pretty tame compared to some of the doozies that I’ve had.
Best moment this week: When, out of nowhere, Brock grabbed my belly and said, “Hi, baby! This is Brock! Your big brother! I love you!” ::Sigh:: That one ties with the fact that Greg is home all the time. It’s so nice to be able to really experience everything with him this time. I’m not taking any of it for granted (not that I would have before, but it’s really nice to have him around!)
Worst moment this week: Really nothing. Things have been status quo so far and I’m not going to jinx myself if I can help it. The worst thing that I’ve dealt with so far is being tired but, like Greg said, “Babe. When are you NOT tired. I’m not sure that you can blame the baby for this one.”
He’s got a point.
Movement: None. Obviously. I’m only 5 weeks.
Food cravings: Nothing yet
Gender: Both of the kids want a boy. Adrianna was really insistent on getting a “sisser” until Greg informed her that she would have to share all of her babies, dresses and shoes with the baby if it’s a girl. After 0.25 seconds of thought, she decided, “Um, me fink me want a broder now.”
As of right now, we are not going to find out the gender. But things may change between now and 20 weeks . . .
Labor Signs: Nada.
Belly Button in or out? Most definitely in
What I miss: Having the energy to stay up past 8pm
What I am thankful for: That I made it another week successfully through this pregnancy! That my husband/family/co-workers are so supportive. That my children are excited (so far).
What I am looking forward to: Being able to tell people! Doing our initial visit at the doctor (not the nurse like we did last week) and discussing all of our options for this time (hospital vs. home, epidural vs. natural, etc.) Our first ultrasound next week. Watching the kids’ reaction to the baby’s kicks.
Milestones: Made it through the first full month!
Symptoms:constipation, shedding hair, weird dreams, exhaustion
Technical baby news:
You’ve missed your period, and that’s a clear sign of pregnancy. A pregnancy test will confirm your suspicions this week, as your level of HCG hormone is beginning to spike (along with some other pregnancy hormones) to kick-start your body’s baby-making ability. Extremely tender breasts will likely be the first symptom you’ll notice, but many women will also start their search for morning sickness remediesaround now as nausea begins to creep up. Your baby may not be increasing much in size yet, but her body is developing at a remarkable speed. The ectoderm, or outer layer of cells, is beginning to form the neural tube that will become the brain and spinal cord, and a plate that will become the heart has formed in the middle cell layer, the mesoderm. Later this week, this rudimentary heart will divide into chambers and begin to beat!Baby’s other organs are also beginning to grow and the skeleton is starting to take shape. Lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas, thyroid, cartilage and bones are all forming, even though your baby is only a couple of millimeters long, or the size of a sesame seed.

Hello, creepy little baby! I love you SO much even though you still look like an alien!

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