I had forgotten all of the little things about pregnancy

I had honesty forgotten how MUCH more I need to pee when I’m pregnant.

I mean, I know that blood volume increases by 40% during pregnancy but I had forgotten, logistically what that translates into.

For example, I slept all night last night (which is a miracle in and of itself) but when I woke up this morning, my lower back and stomach ached. It wasn’t until I sat down to pee that I realized what happened. I peed for nearly 5 straight minutes. Got up, got the kids’ some apple juice and had to go pee again.

Apparently because I was able to sleep all night, my bladder was so full, it was backing up into my kidneys, thus the belly and lower back pain.

It’s a good thing that I’ve been conditioned by the kids to know where every bathroom in every store within a 20 mile radius of our house is. Because, apparently, I’m going to be going as frequently as them for awhile.

Pregnancy is so glamorous.


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