June 5, 2012

It’s not quite 10am and I’ve peed 4 times today.


Brock has been trying his best to come up with an acceptable baby name. Last night’s gem? Brock Ness. Pronounced Brockness but he was very clear that “Ness” is to be the middle name.


Several weeks ago I ordered Greg’s Father’s Day present. It was a gift card for a full-round of golf at 5 different courses in the area and cart rental was included at each location. It came in the mail yesterday and he opened it. I cried. And yelled at him. I might have overreacted a bit.


The kids were excited to come with us to the ultrasound appointment today. They changed their minds this morning. Hopefully they will have a better attitude about things before this afternoon.


Because I’m pregnant and I work around radiation, I now have to wear lead while I’m at work. Rather than buying me my own lead (which I’m fine with), I am using lead that isn’t currently being used by anybody else. Unfortunately, whomever picked out the pattern on this lead was on crack because it’s FUG. What’s that? You want a picture? Okay!


Two-tone blue camo with a picture of a lighthouse on the pocket.

And honestly?  This one isn’t even the worst one.


I wonder how much weight I’m going to gain with this baby. Since I lost almost 40 pounds since January, I’m really hoping that my body doesn’t feel the need to amass all of that back.


Greg picked up his teaching contract today!! Words cannot describe how thrilled and proud I am!


I just found a bag of trail mix in my desk that I apparently hid from myself. I would sit here and eat the entire bag but in 2 hours, I have to get weighed in so I’m taking it easy.


I’m really good at keeping other peoples’ secrets (swearsies) but really shitty at keeping my own. I want to be able to talk about this pregnancy so badly to so many people but I can’t yet. And half the time, I can’t start a conversation that I normally would because somehow the pregnancy ties in. I have friend that didn’t announce her pregnancy until she was 20 weeks. TWENTY!!!! First of all, there is no way that I wouldn’t be busting out of my clothes by then, but I have no idea how she didn’t tell everybody she knew!

Related to that tidbit, I have no idea how I’m not going to be able to find out the sex of this baby until birth. I really want to be surprised and I swear, it makes no difference to me but I just want to know.


It terrifies me to think about having a third child. And I think I will continue to feel that way until well after this baby is born.



2 thoughts on “June 5, 2012

  1. And you wonder why your children are so random, surely has nothing to do with genetics?!
    Lovely lead. I agree, who picked this out? A drunk on crack that thought they had a lucid moment. BUT, keep wearing it!
    Love you and am so excited, not that I have bought anything for this baby, but you may have to get a bigger house for real!
    Oh, I have a pack of diapers for you as well (disposable) and diaper inserts that are truly brown.
    Nanny and Papa

    • I will probably save those disposable diapers for Agnes since she won’t be cloth diapering and I will be at home. But if you are itching to buy something, we could use more CD shells!

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