Greg and I have been together since my sixteenth birthday, but we have known each other since he was 5 and I was 3.  My mom used to babysit Greg and his sister after school.  We.  Hated.  Each.  Other.  We would fist fight nearly every day because I was bossy and he would pull my hair so we would start duking it out almost immediately.  Our moms would always say mean things like, “Your punishment is that you two will end up married!”


 We began talking about marriage when we had been dating about a month (I was barely 16) because we were absolutely, positively in love.  And not just what I thought was love with my other high school boyfriends.  Greg was the one and I knew it.

When we decided to get married at the ripe ol’ ages of 23 & 20 (I was almost 21), more than a few people told us we were too young.  Including our parents.  Greg’s parents tried to warn us that it was going to be hard and why didn’t we wait until I graduated from college?  My parents were okay with it but warned me, “We aren’t paying for a wedding for you to change your mind in 6 months and get divorced.”

At the time, in all of my 20-year-old wisdom, I couldn’t understand what the problem was.  We were in love, we had already been dating almost 5 years, why would we want to wait any longer?  Of course, now that I have children, I’m not so sure that I would be open to the idea of them getting married before they can legally drink at their own wedding.

8 years and 2.5 kids later, we are still going strong.  We’ve absolutely had some rough patches and there were a few times that I wasn’t sure if we were going to survive the storm.  But at the end of the day, Greg is so much more than my husband.  He is my best friend.  He is my rock.  He is an amazing father.  He makes me laugh at all of his stupid jokes.  He quotes movies with me.  He is the one that, when life is crashing down around us, will squeeze my hand and in that moment I know, that we will be okay.

Happy 8 years, babe.  I love you a little more every day.

**Our anniversary was actually yesterday (the 19th) but I posted the 8 week pregnancy post yesterday.  And I didn’t want you to run out of reading material all at once!


6 thoughts on “Eight

  1. Awesome post. ” ‘Til death do us part’. ” Congrats, and hang in there! Don and I have made it 32 years, and it gets better each day…You two are so BLESSED.

  2. Well, hopefully you will look at both sets of parents and see examples to follow! Love you both and may you have many more! My prediction came true and I am loving it!

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