I’m so lucky that I have awesome friends

A couple of weeks ago, we had family pictures taken by my lovely and talented friend, Rachel.  We made her drive to a nearby town that is about 25 miles away because it’s old and rustic and has lots of cool buildings that we could use as backdrops.  Luckily, she’s a good sport and met us there.

Here are a few of my faves:

Please don’t mind Judy-Attitudy.  She was m-a-d that she had to have her picture taken.  Even the promise of chocolate donuts from Papa wouldn’t get her to smile.

I love this one.  There are not enough pictures of my mom and dad together.

Playing London Bridge

Being silly


P.S. I have no idea why it looks like I have a farmer’s tan.  I have no tan.  At all.  I’m basically a Cullen.

I am in LOVE with this picture

This was pretty much their moods for a majority of the photo shoot.  I want to blow it up and hang it over the mantle.  If we had a mantle.

Just us girls

The whole fam damily!

She’s wonderful and completely reasonably priced!  If you are local and want her number, holla at me!


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