10 Week ultrasound

On Tuesday, Greg and I went back to the OB for a monthly check-up and (bonus!) we got another ultrasound. At our first appointment with my doctor, I was only 6 weeks and the baby was big enough to see but not big enough for anything else (dating measurements, movement, heartbeat, etc.)


That teeny tiny black blob that looks like a miniature kidney bean in the middle of the screen is the baby.  It was definitely there and definitely what you would expect to see at 6 weeks but my OB wanted to repeat an ultrasound at my 10 week appointment so we could confirm due date, make sure the baby is growing appropriately, etc.


And what a difference a month makes!!  As soon as the doctor put the transducer on my belly, the baby started waving its arms at us and putting its hands up to its face like it was trying to suck its thumb.

That feeling of excitement and possibility never gets old.  It’s amazing to know that, even though I can’t feel him/her moving yet, there is a baby inside of me and it’s growing and moving.

The baby was actually measuring 10w, 6 days so my OB asked if I was sure about the first day of my last period and I told her that I have an app on my phone that I was using to keep track (so that I would know).  Had the baby been measuring more than a week ahead/behind, she would have moved my due date but for now, we are keeping it at January 29, 2013.  (I’m going back for a 1st trimester screen in a week and if the baby is measuring more than a week big, we will move the due date then.)

So basically, everything is going exactly like it should and we get to see the baby again in a week when we have our 1st trimester screening!


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