4th of July celebration

I love our little community.

Greg and I both grew up around here and now us and lots of the friends that we grew up with are having kids so our kids are growing up together.  Which?  Is pretty awesome to see tiny versions of our friends running around playing with tiny versions of us.

It’s exactly like a small-town community is pictured in old movies and I love it.  It’s nothing to see tractors driving down the road in the spring and fall and little kids running through sprinklers in their underwear in the summer.

As long as I can remember, we have had a 4th of July celebration at our community hall and this year was no different.

The best part (for me) of the entire celebration was watching the kids participate in the bicycle “parade”.

The night before, Greg’s mom and dad helped the kids decorate their bikes and I’m not sure who had more fun:

And, of course, during the parade, the kids LOVED showing off their mad skillz

Brock decided that he “won” the contest for “coolest hat” and “longest black mark made with a bicycle tire”

Adrianna’s festive teddy bear (riding in the baby doll seat on the back of her back) snagged her the self-appointed “win” of best teddy bear.

Happy (belated) 4th of July!


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