Our little slice of paradise

This past weekend, Greg took me out to the farm where we are going to put in the house.


Right now it is, quite literally, in the middle of a corn field.

Greg and Dave (Greg’s dad) had to use a brush hog to clear out some of the crops so the land could be leveled and prepped for water/sewer/electric.

That’s how awesome my in-laws are.

They sacrificed some of their crops so we could have a place to live.


This is the area where the house is going to be and (I think) it will be facing right (as you are looking at this picture).  (Which is South if you are standing in the field.)  The side door (as well as part of the deck) will be facing where I was standing to take the picture.

I think.

Obviously I’m not very good at seeing a vision before it’s fully in place.

Thank the good Lord that I married a man who is and will explain it to me a hundred times before it finally sinks in.


So if I remember everything correctly about the orientation of the house, this will be (sorta) our view from the front.  (Technically, if I took it from the front view of the house, corn would be all that you would see!)

Just beyond that tree line is a lake and we are going to work on clearing out some of the brush and dead trees so you can see it a little better.

And we will have some sort of yard but I’m not sure where it will stop/start at this point.

If everything goes according to my father-in-law’s schedule, we should be ready to move in by mid-August.  But if it gets delayed a bit, we will roll with it!  We should definitely be in before Baby Tres comes along in late January!

I can’t wait to take more pictures as we make more progress!


3 thoughts on “Our little slice of paradise

  1. Hehe all I can think of is, “Children of the Corn” haha. But that’s awesome that it will be done that quickly! Very impressive. Can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂

  2. And I can totally see Brock doing it if we explain it to him and tell him it will scare you! Well Adrianna as well, she is sort of ornery like that!
    Can’t wait for you all to get moved in and the kids have their own yard to play in.
    Brock has been lost in the corn once and didn’t seem to mind it much, better watch him.

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