Today, you are three.

I look at you and cannot imagine where the time has gone.

It really feels like just yesterday when you were a tiny helpless (though opinionated) baby that relied on Daddy and me for everything. (Click here for Adrianna’s birth story)


Now there is more I-can-do-it-myself’s than I would like to hear. Even when it means that your underwear end up on backwards and inside out.  But you have to do it BY YOURSELF.  And like it or not, you are growing up. I can’t even call you a toddler anymore.

You are three.  (Which you notate by holding up your index, middle and pinkie fingers.)

You are gorgeous and sassy and sweet and secretly hero-worship your brother.

You are smart and funny and like to be tickled even though you pretend like you don’t.

You prefer dresses over pants but love to get in the mud and fight with your brother over the 4-wheeler.

You love getting your toenails painted, having your hair done and getting to wear “make-up” (lip gloss).

You are competitive, bold and fearless.

You are our sweet little princess.

You are three.



Happy birthday, gorgeous girl.  We love you to the moon and stars and sun and back down to the ground.


4 thoughts on “Today, you are three.

  1. There is our Tinker Bell. Love her so much, she looks just like her mommy and acts like her Aunt Shaw-Shaw! So much so if fact, I find myself calling her Tara or Shawna all the time, even when I am not looking at her! I love how she has to dance on the top of the picnic table and everybody had better be watching and clapping for her or she will call you out. and the way she sneaks out and gets on her brother’s 4-wheeler because it goes faster than hers. Now if she could master standing on the seat of it and make it run, she would be in heaven!
    Happy birthday Princess!
    Nanny and Papa Jimbo.

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