Dear Brock,

Today you are five.  Five years ago, you came screaming into this world 2 1/2 weeks early, determined to make your mark on the world.  You never cease to amaze me with your tenacity, determination, curiosity and loving spirit.  You always root for the underdog, just like your Daddy.  You are quick to be the first one to offer help when it’s asked, no matter how big the request.

You are a test to my patience everyday but I love how much you challenge me and make me think.  You never accept an answer at face-value and always want to know more information about anything and everything.

You have a nearly photographic memory which is equally impressive and scary.  You are such a smart little boy and I pray that your thirst for knowledge never ceases.

You already know how to tie your shoes, count to 100, know the alphabet and all the sounds the letters make.  You are beginning to color inside the lines but also make your own drawings like a champ.  You are mastering how to write letters and are beginning to tackle writing words.  You can read simple words and are getting very skilled in sounding out the letters in words that you don’t know.  You can spell your first name and know what town we live in and are learning our phone numbers.

You are a bundle of energy that rivals the Tasmanian Devil but also love to sit and snuggle during a movie or when we are reading a book.

You are a piece of my soul.

I love you, buddy.  Happy fifth birthday.




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