Toast of the French variety

You guys?

My kids have a problem.

They are straight-up addicted to French toast.

If there was a rehab program for it, they would need it. In the worst possible way.

When we lived with my in-laws, my kids would beg my father-in-law to make French toast at least twice/week.

And when he did?  He would make a loaf’s worth (using 8-10 eggs each time) and would freeze the rest so they could eat French toast

It got to the point where my mother-in-law and I had to start hiding the bread and eggs because we were tired of going to the grocery store every day to feed their habit.


The upshot?  Brock is an expert at cracking eggs now.

The downside?  Now that we don’t live with my in-laws anymore, my kids still expect me to get up and make them French toast every morning.


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