One is the lonliest number

We’ve been living in our new place about 6 weeks now.

Approximately 3 weeks ago, our black lab disappeared.

::Sad face::

I kept thinking that she had just gone exploring and would come back.

So far? We are still black lab-less.

Being down to one dog has its benefits (less food, less shit gets torn up around the house, less barking, etc.), but our yellow lab that didn’t get taken/shot/lost?  Charley? She’s lonely.


This is Charley. She has The Sadz.

She’s so lonely that anytime she hears another dog bark, she HOWLS and runs to the end of our driveway like she thinks it’s her sister.

She also attacks us (with love) anytime we go outside.

But this weekend, Brock decided that he needed to cheer her up. So he went outside and hung out with her on the deck for over an hour. He would just sit and pet her and rub her tummy when she rolled over and laugh maniacally whenever she would start licking his face.


Basically?  This was the best day she’s had in 3 weeks.

So here is my current dilemma:

I’m fine with being a one-dog family.

Greg (and the kids) think that Charley is too lonely and that she needs a playmate.

I know I’m being selfish by not wanting another dog, but 1) animals are expensive and we have plenty of other things right now that we could spend the money on and 2) I don’t want to get another dog and it not like Charley or the other way around.  There are lots of other reasons but those seem less selfish and bitchy.

Feel free to weigh in your opinion!

*Note: IF (Big fat if) we get another dog, we would adopt from the Humane Society where they are 1) spayed 2) chipped  3) have their first round of shots & 4) they have had interactions with humans/other dogs so we have a better idea of their temperament.  I’m not a sucker (anymore) and taking a “free” dog


10 thoughts on “One is the lonliest number

  1. She needs a friend!!!!!! How would you like it if you had to live outside by yourself all day and night long? the humane society is a great option, there are plenty of dogs that need homes. You can even take Charley up to there to see how your new potential dog interacts with her. And they’re not THAT expensive, you can afford it. Plus you know that if greg and the kiddos want another dog, you’ll be getting one whether you like it or not. Might as well embrace it!

    • Um, let’s take a step back and analyze this comment.
      #1) “Plus you know that of Greg and the kiddos want another dog, you’ll be getting one whether you like it or not.” Escuse me?? How long have I known you? You know that I’m the BOSS.
      #2) “How would you like it if you had to live outside by yourself all day and night long?” Well? My answer depends on this: Are my kids stuck outside with me? Because if I’m not constantly getting a snack or wiping a butt, that sounds like a pretty peaceful existence.

  2. She needs a friend, they sound like jordan. Jordan thinks astro our tea cup yorkie needs a friend cause our old dog wont play with him or have anything to do with really. I am with you on not wanting any more pets, i think its a pregnancy thing tho. Getting pregnant i just cant stand my pets, it will fade tho. I hear ya on the not getting a free dog tho, we got a free dog name gemma and ended up having to pay lots of pocket cause she had so many health problems. She ended up dying before she turned a year old. 😦

  3. You know I love dogs and think Charlie needs a friend, BUT! I think the princess needs to pick it out. Brock has always said Sammy and Charlie are his dogs so it is time for Adrianna to have one of her own, and no she can’t have her baby at my house. What would I do without my Toby (Plus, remember how much trouble we had getting him!).

  4. Same thing happened to us…we held out and stayed with one sweet dig. He adjusted. I think you have enough with everything else you have going! He’ll draw closer to the kids and be more protective of them.

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