24 Weeks


No smile in this week’s picture BUT!!!  I did my hair and make-up.  Also?  I got tired of the über-dark pictures so I went to Instagram, added a filter and viólà!  Let there be light.
Let’s proceed.  Shall we?
How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +12 lbs.  Aye aye aye.  I know that I’m pregnant and I know that gaining weight is normal and I know that gaining 12 lbs at this point is okay.  But.  The former fat girl in me?  The one that lost all of that weight at the beginning of the year?  The one that cried for every mile she had to run?  She’s dying a little bit with every pound gained.  I try to silence her with Ho-Ho’s.  Sometimes it works.
Maternity clothes? Almost completely. Some non-maternity shirts still work but it’s getting close to being a full-time thing.
Stretch marks? Back with a vengeance.
Sleep: Some days are better than others.
Best moment this week: Getting to see our little miracle on our 7th (and hopefully last) ultrasound.  He’s currently in a 3-way-tie for The Most Beautiful Baby On The Planet award.
Worst moment this week: Being reminded that my gestational diabetes test is due at my next appointment.  However, in keeping some perspective, if that’s the worst news I got in a week, I will take it!
Movement: All the time now.  Which?  I really love.  However, baby boy needs to understand that “his” space is also MY uterus.  Place nice, young man.
Food cravings/aversions: Bagels and avocados. Not necessarily together.  Although?  Together with some deli-thin turkey and Gouda?  Now we are talking.  ::drool::
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Nada.  Praise Jesus.
Belly Button in or out? Most definitely in.
What I miss: Energy. And wine.
What I am thankful for: That I made it another week successfully through this pregnancy! That we are (mostly) moved into the new place and can start to make it our own. That this baby is healthy. That the weird dreams have stopped.
What I am looking forward to: Passing my gestational diabetes test!  Getting the nursery set up.  Picking a name for this child.
Milestones: Happy Viability Day, Baby Boy!!!
Symptoms: shedding hair, exhaustion, sore boobs, heartburn, burgeoning belly.
Technical baby news: Although his thin body is still covered in lanugo and his eyelids are fused closed, your baby is fully formed and even has a chance of surviving outside of your womb this week. At around 8 ½ inches from crown to rump and 1 ¼ pounds, Baby is about as big as a bunch of asparagus, and his little limbs are strong enough to feel against your abdomen or ribs. Since the space in your uterus is getting a little smaller now, you may notice more deliberate and rhythmic movements from here on in.All the organs are continuing to develop, but your baby’s lungs are maturing at an impressive pace. Last week marked the earliest possible point that a premature baby could survive in a neo-natal care unit, but his chances of survival outside the womb would increase considerably if he held on until the end of this week. Some very important structures have begun to form in the lungs of a 24 week fetus, such as the tubes in the airway passages that will allow baby to breathe in and out, the blood vessels and air sacs that will help his lungs use the air and a substance in the lungs called surfactant, which keeps the air sacs from sticking together. On top of these important developments, his body is beginning to produce white blood cells to fight off infection.



One thought on “24 Weeks

  1. Another early bird baby mama (does that even make sense? I don’t know) here! Baby was born at 37 weeks with fully mature lungs. He started screaming from day one and kept it up for much of the first few months of his life! He likes to delve back into it, now and again, just to keep us on our toes. Sending good thoughts your way!

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