Through my daughter’s eyes

Recently, Adrianna was bitten by the shutterbug. Which is great because I can actually be in some pictures now!

The unfortunate thing is that she is three and her idea of a good picture involves her subject making a strange face and she may or may not be moving.

So basically? I’m in the pictures but they are blurry and she’s making me cross my eyes or stick out my tongue.

Here is a sample of her first attempt behind the lens:








{This is not an error on my part.  She actually took 5 pictures in a row of the cake but I didn’t post them all}




And then?  Then she discovered how to flip the view on my iPhone so she could take self portraits.

I’ve also cleaned my lens since then so the “self-portraits” are much better.

But basically she will steal my phone, run around taking pictures of anything (I’m not kidding.  I currently have 6 pictures of my kitchen floor) and then make me look through them with her while I am forced to tell her how pretty her pictures are.

And I’m not allowed to delete them.  ANY of them.  She told me it would make her “cwy” if I did.


2 thoughts on “Through my daughter’s eyes

  1. Hey, be happy your kids are growing up in the digital age! When I used to get a roll of film developed I never knew what might be on it–treasured family portraits or some of the pictures the boys considered masterpieces. You may be frustrated she won’t let you delete them, but at least they didn’t cost you anything! I could probably wallpaper a large room with similar shots!

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