4. *Take a cooking class

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This has been an item on my list that I have wanted to do for SO LONG but was lazy and never really looked into it.

I consider myself a slightly above average cook but not great. I love trying new recipes but often get stuck in a rut trying to settle on dinner or when attempting to plan a week’s worth of menus.

So, when my bestie said that she wanted me to take a cooking class with her, I was pumped! Our local career center holds various cooking classes (something like 1/month) and she had signed us up to take . . .

Knife skills?

I know how incredibly dorky it sounds but I was stoked. Mostly because I don’t have a great track record with sharp things (Exhibit A) but also because I wanted to learn how to do a little more “fancy” cooking.


It’s all very technical.

We learned the basics of a knife (the blade, the bolster, the tang, etc.), how to hold a knife, how to sharpen a knife properly, how to hold your fingers to prevent them from being chopped off (You make a claw! Who knew, right?!), how to cut through (rather than chop down) to prevent bruising of the product so you don’t lose juices (aka: the flava) of your meat/veggie, various knives and what to use them for (serrated for breads and soft veggies, filet knives, boning knives, stamped vs. forged knives, etc.) and several different techniques on how to cut veggies to various lengths/shapes! 

We made carrots into diamonds!

I learned how to Julienne a carrot, people!


{It’s unfair how cute my bestie is.  I, on the other hand, was sweating like a pig and I look like I’m bald because I wore my hair in a pony so I wouldn’t shed into the food.}

I also said shit in front of the teacher when I forgot to make the roux for the chowder (I think it actually won me some brownie points) and I’m pretty sure Stephanie and I scared the middle-aged couple that were forced to pair up with us.

Did we witness an almost fight between our other friend and a girl who thought she was Monica Gellar in the kitchen?  Yes.  Are my fingernails still orange from cutting a carrot and I still reek of garlic?  Absolutely!  But we had an absolute blast, learned some new (valuable) skills and ate some yummy food!

Also?  The teacher took our picture (probably because we were so awesome at cooking and handling our knives) and, while he didn’t say it, I’m fairly certain it is going to be published in their next flier/commercial.


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