Who says you can’t go home?

Yesterday I took the kids to their very first dentist appointment.

That’s right.

My children are 3 and 5 and I just now am getting around to taking them to the dentist.

I’m preparing my acceptance speech for my Mother of the Year trophy.

My reasons for not taking them before now were threefold: 1) I’m not great about going every 6 months myself, 2) I’m not crazy about my (former) dentist and didn’t want the kids to see him & 3) I couldn’t find a pediatric dentist that was covered by my insurance.


I found out that the dentist that I saw growing up is 1) still practicing and 2) covered by our insurance!!


When I called to make the kids an appointment, the receptionist knew who I was.  And not in the “Oh, of course I remember you!” fake voice.  She talked to me about my dad who had just been in their office for a cleaning.

It was totally a moment from Cheers.  Minus Norm.  And the beer.

I wasn’t sure how the kids would do since neither of them had ever been to the dentist so I spent the last couple of weeks prepping them about how they would get new toothbrushes and a sticker and how they would get to play with a cool suction thing-y.

Brock wanted to go first because “I’m the oldest and need to show Sissy what to do.”

As a fellow first-born, I can totally relate.


Obviously, he had to inspect all of the hygenist’s instrumentation to ensure that she was using proper technique.

For the record?  The sucker thing-y was by far his favorite.


My boy owned that chair.  He even asked to borrow a pair of shades (his words) because the exam light was too bright.


Sissy was a little more hesitant at first but got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Probably because the hygenist kept telling her how beautiful she was.  My daughter loves compliments.  Who knew??


She thought the foam tray they used for the fluoride treatments were hilarious because they made her look like a duck.

She made me take 5 pictures of this.


No cavities!!!

And?  The dentist that put my braces on, got to see me as a mother and talked to me about why he doesn’t recommend braces for my 5-year-old* despite his crooked-as-a-politician teeth.  It was a very Circle of Life.  He also gave me a huge bear hug.  I mean.  Who else gets free hugs at the dentist?!

Also?  My daughter announced to the receptionist and the hygenist that she needed to poop while we were waiting to be seen.  That’s one of the beautiful things about being 3.  You have no sense of shame.

*For the record: I don’t want Brock to have braces at the age of 5.  However, I have known people who did put braces on their children’s baby teeth and it has rendered me speechless.  I’m sure there is some “reason” behind it but my (somewhat uneducated) opinion is that they are going to start losing those teeth around the 6-year mark.  Why straighten them if they are going to fall out and then have to pay for braces again when their adult teeth come in?


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