Pioneer Woman recipe #6: Breakfast Burritos

Remember about a year ago when I decided that I was going to make every recipe in PW’s cookbook?  Well, I’m not even close to being done but I did make another one this weekend!

Greg and I were talking about breakfast burritos this weekend and how good they sounded.

Then? Like a bolt of lightning, realization struck that I actually had everything I needed to make them!


When I looked in my PW cookbook, I realized that while I have potatoes, I didn’t want to spend 45 minutes actually baking them to make her basic breakfast potatoes and THEN make the burritos. So instead I improvised and used frozen french fries. I did season and bake them before I put them in the burritos but my family didn’t even notice a difference!

I also used milk instead of half and half because it’s what I had and I wasn’t going to make a trip to town to get a carton of half and half.

{We live out in the country now so a trip to town is much more involved than it used to be. Plus? The milk is going to expire this week so I have to get it used up!}

Here is a link to her online version of the recipe (I figured it was okay to link it since I’m giving her full credit).

This is what I used. Her cast of characters is slightly different and that’s okay with me! 


This was about halfway through.  Notice my french fries.


10 eggs. I happened to have just been to the grocery store the previous day and stocked up. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have used that many.  Please ignore the easy mac in the background.  And the tape measure.  Neither of those are necessary for this particular recipe.


It looks kinda icky at this point, but I had just poured the egg/milk/seasoning in. You must be patient, grasshoppa.


Still not totally done but you get the idea. Gently fold it together as it’s cooking so 1) your eggs don’t burn and 2) your potatoes don’t fall apart. However, if you use french fries like me, they will be much less likely to crumble.


Brock wanted one when they were finished so I put one on a plate and let him have at it.  About halfway through, he says, “Mom?  I don’t think I like these very much.  I only ate this much because I thought it would get better but it didn’t.”

So there you go.

Greg and I thought they tasted just fine but Brock didn’t like them.  Even though he ate half of (a big) one.

You have been warned.


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