I’ve become the parent that I swore I would NEVER be

For Christmas last year, Brock told us that he wanted a phone.

I SWORE that I would never get my child a phone before they could drive. “Why else would they need a phone?”

He insisted, for over a month, that he NEEDED a phone.

I wouldn’t budge.

We would pacify him by letting him play games on our phones. We even downloaded kid-friendly apps and put them in a “Brock” folder so he knew which games were okay for him to play.

And then?

Christmas came and he STILL wanted a phone.

Finally one day, out of pure desperation for some peace, I said, “Fine! If you want a phone, you can take the money out of your savings account and buy one!”

Terrible, horrible think to say.

Because? Because he agreed to it.

For Christmas, he happened to get a couple of toys that he already had so we took him and his duplicate toys and some cash to Target.

And my 4.5 year old got an iPod touch.

He has NO data plan, no ability to make phone calls & no access to the app store.

Some days, it’s a lifesaver. For example, when we drove 2 hours to Six Flags this summer, he didn’t ask us every 2 minutes if we were there yet.

But this is my view most days:


I suppose it’s no different than if he had a Leap Pad or a V-tech or some other variation of a hand-held gaming device.

Except the iPod touch doesn’t have any educational games on it so it’s not technically the same.

But it makes me feel better to pretend that they are the same.


One thought on “I’ve become the parent that I swore I would NEVER be

  1. There are some great games available. My 3.5yo has pretty much taken over my iPod Touch, and if I get an iPhone, it will be hers. Nick Jr Draw and Play is my daughter’s current favorite, and they learn an amazing amount of hand-eye coordination and memory skills by working the games. Also? She FaceTimes both of her grandmothers all the time. Great for keeping the family in touch! šŸ™‚

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