26 Weeks


Ugh. I zoomed in too far on this picture so when I try to put it in Instagram, it either cuts off my face or my belly.  So we are stuck looking at a dark, drab picture this week.  Boo!


But to compensate for the dark picture above, I decided to show off one of mah favorite maternity shirts.  It was a close call between this one and an ultrasound pic of the baby flipping off the camera.  Basically?  I could be Honey Boo-Boo’s mama when I wear this in public.
How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: + 15lbs.  I mean.  There are no words for how alarmed I am at my impressive ability to give zero effs about this anymore.  I’m growing a human, my boobs have doubled in size (this is no joke, y’all) and my blood volume has increased by 40%.  The weight has to go somewhere.  I can worry about getting the number on the scale down after this baby comes out.  But, for now?  I will allow myself to gain the weight that is necessary to keep my baby healthy. (Note: I did not say that I am okay with gaining 60 more pounds.  I’m going to be sensible.  I’m just not going to freak out for eating a piece of cake at a birthday party.)
Maternity clothes? Almost completely. Some non-maternity shirts still work but it’s getting close to being a full-time thing.
Stretch marks? Back with a vengeance.
Sleep: Some days are better than others.
Best moment this week: Seeing the look on my baby sister’s face when I explained to her what snot crotch was. (If you don’t know, ask me!  Obviously, I will tell you!)
Worst moment this week: The same as above only with my husband.  I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut.
Movement: All the time. I love feeling all of his kicks and jabs and somersaults!
Food cravings/aversions: Not too much of either this week!  Yay!
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Nada.
Belly Button in or out? Most definitely in.
What I miss: Energy. And wine.
What I am thankful for: That I made it another week successfully through this pregnancy! That we are (mostly) moved into the new place and can start to make it our own. That this baby is healthy.
What I am looking forward to: Entering 3rd trimester next week!  What what?!
Milestones: This isn’t really a “milestone” per se, but we got the changing table cleaned off/out and moved into his room!  Along with a dresser and we got the rest (I think) of the 0-6 month clothes sorted.  Now they need to be re-washed (they are technically clean but they have been in storage for 5 years.  A little soap and water wouldn’t hurt.), folded and put away.  One step closer to being ready for this little guy!
Oh!  And we are officially in the double digits as of yesterday.  Unless he comes late which, at this point, I’m still okay with.  In 98 days, I might be singing a different tune.
Symptoms: shedding hair, exhaustion, porn-star boobs, heartburn, burgeoning belly, sciatic nerve pain. I also have all of these weird baby hairs that have popped up along my hairline that I can’t do a thing with. It looks like I have 3-4 cowlicks. I would gel my hair down but I don’t want it to look any more greasy than it already is.
Technical baby news: A 26 week old fetus weighs almost 2 pounds and typically measures around 9 ¼ inches (or 23 cm) long. His spine is strengthening, he can inhale and exhale and he’s starting to put on a layer of fat under his thin skin. Baby is also making his presence known nowadays — he may react to the sound of your voice or your partner’s, and your friends and family might be able to hear his little heartbeat when they put an ear to your belly.Have you noticed that your baby tends to move more at certain times of the day? Some believe that the foods you eat will influence the activity of a fetus, and others find that drinking a glass of water or playing certain music will provoke a kick or two. One thing’s for sure — your baby is developing a sleep and waking cycle at this point and in just a couple of weeks he’ll begin to experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Don’t fret if your little one’s activity is higher when you’re sleeping, since that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be up all night after he’s born.



3 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. This week has been slightly difficult with regard to dressing my growing bump. Given that we’ve come up north for a month, my Florida clothing hasn’t been very appropriate to the weather! I had gone on eBay a week before we left and spent $150 to get some warm maternity clothing, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive before we had to go! So I was stuck wearing my ONE pair of Davina For Next workout trousers (they seriously make the BEST maternity bottoms!!) for several days in a row before my mom and I headed to the local Good Will to try and score some discount maternity clothes.

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